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Life Just Got Real

Author: Sadie  ROBERTSON
Publisher: Howard
Subject/Category: Gr. 7-10
Year Reviewed:: 2017
ISBN: 9781501126468
Review: Besides dealing with a move from the countryside of Louisiana to the city of Nashville, 16-year-old AJ has to adapt to a new private school and her mother's engagement announcement. But AJ isn't one to get caught up in drama, so she makes the best of her new surroundings. Quickly finding friends with the school's nerd crowd and a potential boyfriend in a cute guy she meets while fixing his car, AJ doesn't realize she's breaking the unwritten rules of high school. When a reality TV show crew shows up to film jet-setting, popular Kate Kelly but latches onto adding down-to-earth AJ to the cast, the drama can't be stopped. Christian overtones throughout are mild, not preachy, and help send the message to be true to yourself.

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