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Author: Sonya  MUKHERJEE
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Subject/Category: Gr. 8-12
Year Reviewed:: 2017
ISBN: 9781481456777
Review: Siamese twins Clara & Hailey, whose parents chose to not have them surgically separated as babies, have arrived at a late-high school crossroad. Up till now, their mother has kept them in their secluded town to protect them from media exposure. The twin's very different personalities are reflected in alternating chapters which relay their desires to be normal and also reveal a growing divergence of dreams about college, boyfriends, and life aspirations. The twins begin entertaining the previously dismissed option of surgical separation, and must consider what will be lost by separating along with the very real possibility of a less-than-ideal outcome. What are they each willing to sacrifice in order to live individual lives and follow their dreams?

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