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Burn Baby Burn

Author: Meg  MEDINA
Publisher: Candlewick
Subject/Category: Gr. 9-12
Year Reviewed:: 2017
ISBN: 9780763674670
Review: Senior year in New York City circa 1977 for Nora Lopez was supposed to be full of disco music, dancing, and double dates. But instead she has to battle a heat wave, fear of a serial killer, and blackouts. With her Spanish speaking mother barely able to pay the rent, her 16-year-old brother out of control and her father out of the picture, Nora's life has been on the edge already. The wise words of her boss, Sal, the new boy, Pablo, who might just be the one, and her best friend Kathleen are all that's holding Nora and her life together. This book immerses the reader in both the characters and the time period from page one. Teens will find the narrative authentic, and those who have struggled with rough family lives and the difficulties of what to do after high school will relate to Nora and her story.

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