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Lady Midnight

Author: Cassandra  CLARE
Publisher: McElderry
Subject/Category: Gr. 9-12
Year Reviewed:: 2017
ISBN: 9781442468351
Review: Julian Blackthorn is not another Jace Herondale. Not even a little. Emma is not another Clary. This is not just a repeat of Clare's other books. All the elements for a great Shadowhunter Academy book are there: ruthless fairies, secrets, bloody lotteries, lies, dark magic, and gross demons in a kingdom by the sea, a lost love and a promise for revenge. All of them combine results into a mesmerizing tale you never want to end. It is a story full of action, suspense and mystery entwined with romance, heartache and the struggles of a broken family to stay together against all odds. Intertwining plot lines involving magic, mystery, and murder along with a fully developed cast of characters makes this a good choice for serious fantasy lovers. Fans will be anticipating the next book.

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