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Iron Tomb, The

Author: Peter  VEGAS
Publisher: Aladdin
Subject/Category: Gr. 5-8
Year Reviewed:: 2017
ISBN: 9781481445788
Review: Thirteen-year-old Sam Force must spend another summer break with his uncle Jasper in Egypt. But Sam arrives to find his uncle missing and accused of stealing. Sam eludes the police who want to question him and takes off to find his uncle on a journey full of adventure and danger. He uses skills Uncle Jasper taught him through the years to decipher codes and clues his uncle left for him. Enlisting the help of Mary, a half-English-Egyptian girl, Sam must travel through souks, rat-infested sewers, and miles of desert, enduring helicopter escapes and sand storms. Will he find his uncle and discover whatever Jasper was looking for?

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