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Cloud and Wallfish

Author: Anne  NESBET
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Subject/Category: Gr. 5-8
Year Reviewed:: 2017
ISBN: 9780763688035
Review: Picked up from what had been a normal day of school, Noah is informed by his parents that he is being given a new identity--new name and age. Now Jonah Brown and his family have been granted an exceedingly rare 1989 extended-visit visa to East Berlin so his mother can work on a research project. Noah/Jonah must follow many new rules, Number 1 being “They are always listening.” “They” are the secret police. Noah/Jonah has a severe stutter and the schools won’t admit him. He becomes friends with a lonely girl downstairs named Claudia who he calls “Cloud.” She calls him “Wallfish” after the Berlin Wall. Noah comes to suspect that his mother isn’t merely researching and that there is something strange about Cloud’s parents’ deaths. Secrets trigger questions too fast for him to find answers in this fascinating read which vividly depicts how it feels to be an outsider.

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