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Maybe a Fox

Author: Kathi & MCGHEE, Alison  APPELT
Publisher: Atheneum
Subject/Category: Gr. 4-7
Year Reviewed:: 2017
ISBN: 9781442482425
Review: Sylvie is always trying to get faster and faster. One early morning she goes off on another run but never comes back. Her body is not found but they find evidence of a fall into a dangerous section of water. Only a year younger, Jules has always been very close to her sister Sylvie, and this accident reopens the pain of their mother's tragic death. Jules and her father grieve together. Mystical connections between the world of humans and the world of nature are conveyed in alternating perspectives, revealing that in the moment of Sylvie's tragedy, a fox is born with the desire to run faster and faster, and to look out for Jules.

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