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Just a Lucky So and So: The Story of Louis Armstrong

Publisher: Holiday House
Subject/Category: Gr. 2-4
Year Reviewed:: 2017
ISBN: 9780823434282
Review: Though "Little Louis" Armstrong grew up in an impoverished area of New Orleans, his neighborhood was rich with the music of "brass bands, funeral marches, honky-tonks on Saturday nights, and church services..." He especially loved the music of jazz great Joe "King" Oliver. At the age of eleven, after some scrapes with the law, Louis was sent to the Colored Waif's Home for Boys where he convinced the band leader to let him learn instruments and be in the school's well-known marching band. Upon returning to his neighborhood Louis was mentored by the "King" himself, and taught to play the cornet. He ultimately performed with Oliver in Chicago, fulfilling his boyhood dream and showing the world that his success was less from luck and more from determination and perseverance.

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