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Miss Colfax's Light

A top selected or recommended title by the Kansas State Reading Circle Commission.
Author: Aimee  BISSONETTE
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
Subject/Category: Gr. 2-4
Year Reviewed:: 2017
ISBN: 9781585369553
Review: In 1861 at the age of 37, Harriet Colfax took on the job of lighthouse keeper for the Michigan City lighthouse off Lake Michigan. It was a bold and determined endeavor, especially since there were very few female lighthouse keepers in the country at that time. For 43 years, until the age of 80, Harriet kept her light burning, through storms, harsh winters, and changes in technology. This true story focuses on Harriet's commitment and determination to fulfill her charge and live life on her own terms. Excerpts from her actual log are included.

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