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Fearless, The

Author: Emma  PASS
Publisher: Delacorte
Subject/Category:  7-10
Year Reviewed:: 2016
ISBN: 9780385744478
Review: More than seven years before, the new anti-PTSD drug far overreached its intended effects, rendering recipients incapable of either anxiety or fear and without conscience. Concentrated doses appropriated by enemies have created an army aptly named the Fearless who invade and medicate anyone they catch to expand their ranks and power. Cass’s father was taken back then, and Cass fled with her pregnant mother to the safety of a private island, safe because no one has since been allowed to come or go. But recently a boy claiming to be from another colony of survivors sneaks onto the island and their cover is blown. Cass’s now seven-year-old brother is captured by the Fearless, and she must go to the mainland on a rescue mission.

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