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A top selected or recommended title by the Kansas State Reading Circle Commission.
Author: Kevin  EMERSON
Publisher: Crown Books
Subject/Category:  7-10
Year Reviewed:: 2016
ISBN: 9780385391139
Review: School feels like a prison to 8th grader Anthony except during free period when he and friend Keenan practice with their band “The Rusty Soles.” After getting into trouble in school and at home, Anthony vents his frustration in a song called “Breakout.” Keenan posts the song and it goes viral, so it should be a hit at the school's Fall Arts Night -- with students, at least. Administration forbids the prolific strong language. Anthony grapples with rights to free speech versus responsibilities of being in the limelight as he decides how he will sing his song on stage. Fast-paced narrative vividly paints the universal early-teen struggle to feel grown up while others still make decisions for you.

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