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Curious World of Calpurnia Tate, The

Author: Jacqueline  KELLY
Publisher: Henry Holt
Subject/Category:  3-5
Year Reviewed:: 2016
ISBN: 9780805097443
Review: Inland Texas in 1900 is not immune to the effects of a hurricane as Callie's traumatized and abrasive cousin is forced to come live with Callie's family. The journal-style narrative records small-town life peppered with family challenges, dismay over gender limitations, and awakening future goals spawned by her peculiar grandfather's animal-loving influence and the tutelage of veterinarian Dr. Pritzker, another hurricane refugee. Her brother takes in a plethora of odd animals, usually with disastrous results, pulling her into the drama and adding a common if humorous thread to the entire tale.

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