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As Brave As You

A top selected or recommended title by the Kansas State Reading Circle Commission.
Author: Jason  REYNOLDS
Publisher: Atheneum
Subject/Category: Gr. 5-8
Year Reviewed:: 2017
ISBN: 9781481415903
Review: From Brooklyn, eleven-year-old Genie and his older brother, Ernie, spend the summer with their grandparents in rural Virginia. As a result of some past conflict, the boys’ father and grandfather do not speak to one another. Genie is shocked and fascinated to learn that his grandfather is blind. He asks questions all the time, even writing questions down when he can’t get the answers immediately. He and his grandfather slowly bond. Genie is surprised when Ernie doesn’t want to learn to shoot a gun, which is a tradition in the region for 14-year-old boys. The past rears its ugly head, and Genie learns what happened. The reader will enjoy the strong and colorful characters and appreciate the depth of Genie’s questions.

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