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Author: Laurie Halse  ANDERSON
Publisher: Atheneum
Subject/Category: Gr. 7-10
Year Reviewed:: 2017
ISBN: 9781416961468
Review: Ashes brings an excellent if long-awaited conclusion to riveting historical fiction tales begun with Chains (2008) and Forge (2010). After the difficult journey to South Carolina (background story in earlier books), escaped slave Isabel finally finds her sister, who had been captured and returned to slavery in the South. But Ruth doesn’t seem to remember or even like her. Travel companion Curzon reenlists with the Patriot army, and Aberdeen, who escaped with Ruth, joins the sisters in their perilous journey to the North. Against a backdrop of the war-torn Colonies and the debate of Patriots versus Loyalists, the moral dilemma of slavery dogs their heels, and the girls must veer toward Yorktown to avoid bounty-hunting slave-catchers. Missing Curzon and desperate to survive, Isabel does whatever she must to gain their freedom.

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