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ABCs on Wheels

Author: Ramon  OLIVERA
Publisher: Little Simon
Subject/Category: Gr. K-2
Year Reviewed:: 2017
ISBN: 9781481432443
Review: This transportation ABC book has colorful illustrations with a retro feel which, fittingly for the topic, show much movement. Olivera selects vocabulary from all phases of a vehicle's life, such as "J is for Junkyard, K is for Kaput!" The two page spread of "N is for New car, O is for Old car" shows a young man getting a new car, then the same man selling the car when he and the car are old. An electric car is shown on the "P is for Plugged in, Q is for Quiet" spread. People with diverse skin tones are shown, as well as a female race car driver on the "W is for Winner" page.

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