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I Lived on Butterfly Hill

Author: Marjorie  AGOSIN
Publisher: Atheneum
Subject/Category:  4-8
Year Reviewed:: 2015
ISBN: 9781416953449
Review: In the throes of Pinochet's catastrophic takeover of Chile in 1973, people are disappearing. Celeste is worried when one of her friends fails to show up at school, and the rumors are that the family disappeared during the night. She has heard tales of prison ships in the harbor where people are held and beaten. Are her best friend and her family prisoners, or did they escape during the night? Celeste comes to hate the word "disappeared" but it takes on a whole new meaning when her parents have to go into hiding. Conditions continue to deteriorate until Celeste is sent to Maine by her grandmother to live with an aunt. Will her family ever be together again?

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