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By the Grace of Todd

Author: Louise  GALVESTON
Publisher: Razorbill
Subject/Category:  3-5
Year Reviewed:: 2015
ISBN: 9781595146779
Review: Todd's room is not only a mess, it's disgusting. The smells coming from his room are unbelievable. His mother has had enough and demands he clean up his room. He decides to look under his bed to see if there is any room to stuff any of the things on the floor. His attention is quickly drawn to his dirty stinky football socks from last fall - not only by the smell, but by the little lights coming off his socks. In walks the brainy neighbor girl, and he decides to show her the socks. She gets a magnifying glass from home, and what do they discover? A new civilization of very tiny humans has sprung up from the materials left on his dirty socks!

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