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Bear and Bird

Author: James  SKOFIELD
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
Subject/Category:  K-2
Year Reviewed:: 2015
ISBN: 9781585368358
Review: Old Bear and young Bird are friends. Each year as winter comes, Bird flies south and Bear hibernates. In spring they are joyfully reunited. During their third fall together, Bear is especially stiff and sore, and reluctant to leave her friend. Come Spring, Bird excitedly flies back and looks for his friend who is nowhere to be seen. After weeks of searching, Bird gets a glimpse of a bear who turns out to be his friend’s grandson. Bird is saddened to learn of his friend’s passing but is comforted by the bear’s words “She lived a long, happy life. You were part of her happiness. You were her friend.” Memories of his old friend plus a budding friendship with the Grandson leave a sense of hope.

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