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Infinite Sea, The

Author: Richard  YANCY
Publisher: Putnam
Subject/Category:  9-12
Year Reviewed:: 2015
ISBN: 9.7804e+012
Review: In this second book in the 5th Wave series, readers will be sitting on the edge of their seats as Cassie and her companions, who barely survived through the Others' four waves of destruction, now find themselves facing the 5th Wave and in another battle for their lives. The Others have stooped to a new gut-wrenching low by implanting carbon-dioxide-triggered bombs inside the throats of small human children to take out entire nests of survivors. Told in alternating perspectives from Ringer, a beautiful teen with deadly aim, and tough and tender Cassie, who thought she was the lone surviving human, and Evan, an alien who has shifted his allegiance in the face of true love, readers will learn why pound cake no longer speaks, how Evan is related to super-strong Grace, and why chess is important to Ringer. This installment will keep action-craving readers enthralled and breathless to the very end.

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