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Author: Katherine  LONGSHORE
Publisher: Viking
Subject/Category:  9-12
Year Reviewed:: 2015
ISBN: 9.78067e+012
Review: Readers of historical fiction will love this book. It is the story of Mary Howard, wife of Henry VIII’s illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy. The author used what little information there is about Mary Howard, a member of the powerful Howard family, and her own imagination to weave a fascinating tale of power, lust, frustration, and deception. Mary is married to Henry Fitzroy at age 14, but the marriage is not allowed to be consummated before the King believes Henry to be of appropriate age. As Mary watches the deterioration of the queen’s marriage, she is determined to strengthen her own. This tale is a unique look into the tangled lives that Henry VIII so heavily impacted by his efforts to have a male heir.

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