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Half Bad

A top selected or recommended title by the Kansas State Reading Circle Commission.
Author: Sally  GREEN
Publisher: Viking
Subject/Category:  9-12
Year Reviewed:: 2015
ISBN: 9.78067e+012
Review: White witches are good; black witches are evil. Sixteen-year-old Nathan, the illegitimate son of a white witch mother and a black witch father, is neither - yet. He is designated a Half Code due to his mixed parentage, a status met with fear and disgust by most. He is kept in a cage, beaten regularly, and toughened up for when he turns 17 and receives his three gifts. Both white and black witches want him, because he is the path to his father - the most powerful, and evil, and reviled of all black witches. But Nathan has no desire to kill anyone and knows he must escape and gain his freedom. Some of the violence (beatings, bullying, and torture) may be off-putting to more sensitive readers, but lovers of dark fantasy will enjoy this energetic, gripping volume.

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