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Author: M. H.  HERLONG
Publisher: Viking
Subject/Category:  6-8
Year Reviewed:: 2014
ISBN: 9780670014033
Awards::  WAW
Review: A classic boy-and-dog tale in the tradition of Old Yeller. Tyrone "Li'l T" Roberts meets Buddy when his family's car accidentally hits the stray dog on their way to church. Buddy turns out to be the dog Li'l T's always wished for--until Hurricane Katrina comes to New Orleans and he must leave Buddy behind. After the storm, Li'l T and his father return home to find a community struggling to rebuild their lives--and Buddy gone. But Li'l T refuses to give up his quest to find his best friend. From the author of the BBYA Top Ten selection The Great Wide Sea comes a powerful story of hope, courage, and knowing when to let go.

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