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Dogs of Winter, The

Author: Bobbie  PYRON
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine
Subject/Category:  6-8
Year Reviewed:: 2014
ISBN: 9780545399302
Awards::  WAW
Review: A small boy, a cruel city, and the incredible dogs who save him. Based on a true story! When Ivan's mother disappears, he's abandoned on the streets of Moscow, with little chance to make it through the harsh winter. But help comes in an unexpected form: Ivan is adopted by a pack of dogs, and the dogs quickly become more than just his street companions. They become his family. Soon Ivan, who used to love reading fairytales, is practically living in one, as he and his pack roam the city and countryside, using their wits to find food and shelter, dodging danger, begging for coins. But Ivan can't stay hidden from the world of people forever. When help is finally offered to him, will he be able to accept it? Will he even want to? A heart-pounding tale of survival and a moving look at what makes a human.

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