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Great Wide Sea, The

Author: Herlong  M.H.
Publisher: Viking
Subject/Category: 6-10
Year Reviewed:: 2009
ISBN: 9780670063307
Review: Ben Byron's mother went out for ice cream and is killed in a car crash. Her death forever changed the pleasant tenor of life for fifteen-year-old Ben, his two younger brothers and their father Jim Byron a college professor. Without talking it over with this three sons, Jim Byron takes a leave of absence from his college, sells everything, and invests the money in a sail boat. Unwilling participants in this venture, the boys nevertheless struggle to learn the skills required. Then while on watch one night by himself, Jim falls overboard, leaving his three sons at the mercy of the storm. Packed with action, this book would make a good classroom novel with plenty of discussion and research topics.a good read!

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