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Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians, The

Author: Morris  Carla
Publisher: Peachtree
Subject/Category: PreK-3
Year Reviewed:: 2009
ISBN: 9781561453917
Review: Visit the Livingston Public Library and join Melvin, a "geeky" but endearing young boy whose innate curiosity and insatiable thirst for knowledge unite him with a trio of librarians who are willing and anxious to help him find, sort , categorize and use information of every imaginable variety (all the way from Kindergarten through college graduation!) Brad Sneed's characteristically raucous watercolor renderings of the library and all its inhabitants keep you turning the pages to see how this little geek and his library family will fare as he grows into adulthood. Based on a true story, this tribute to libraries and learning comes full circle when 20 odd years pass and Sterling, another "little geek," walks through the doors of LPL to meet the newest librarian on staff...

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