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Kansas NEA Reading Circle Catalog

KNEA members serve on the Kansas NEA Reading Circle to read and screen the best children's literature published each year. Since 1926 KNEA has published a list of recommended books by reading level as a service for school librarians and classroom teachers. For printed versions of the catalog, contact KNEA Reading Circle at

The Kansas NEA Reading Circle offers its "RECOMMENDED" gold foil seal for purchase by library-media specialists and educators who wish to affix them to books that been read, reviewed, and recommended by the Kansas NEA Reading Circle Commission. Read here to learn more about purchasing the seal, or contact

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High school & above or gr 9-12+

KNEA Reading Circle Catalog

Absolutely Almost
Albie is "almost" at everything. He is almost a good student, almost an artist, and almost "cool." Upon starting 5th grade in a new school, Albie learns that "almost" is not good enough, and in order to reach success he must learn to deal with struggles and overcome obstacles.
Absolutely Truly
Truly is happy that her military family finally has a permanent home in Texas. But when her father loses his arm in Afghanistan, they decide to move one more time to his New England hometown to take over the family bookstore. Truly isn’t given much of a chance to mope because she finds a mysterious letter in a rare signed copy of Charlotte’s Web, and she and her new friends are caught up in a dangerous treasure hunt. Contemporary early-teen issues mingle here with exciting adventures and wonderful characters.
Actual & Truthful Adventures of Becky Thatcher, The
Join Becky Thatcher, riverboat captain Samuel Clemens, and the citizens of St. Petersburg, Missouri, for one adventure after another. Maybe Becky wasn’t quite the calm, innocent girl you read about in the original Tom Sawyer.
After Happily Ever After: The Three Little Pigs Go Camping
This sequel to the Three Little Pigs original story goes steps further to engage the reader in some problem-solving and planning. Simple black and white pen-and-ink drawing allows the imagination to grow, and the font and text per page will not frighten a struggling reader. Ideas for writing and discussion are given, as well as a glossary for words that may be beyond the typical vocabulary.
Ali: An American Champion
Creative nonfiction offers a unique perspective on the multi-faceted life of the famous boxer Muhammad Ali. Fictional techniques give factual information through mock articles, "man-on-the-street" interviews, letters to the editor, and "breaking news" accounts. The turbulent setting of the times interlaces with events from Ali’s life story – the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement and the March on Washington, his joining the Nation of Islam, and changing his name from Cassius Clay. The visually appealing layout is augmented by black-and-white archival photographs, a time-line of these historical events and of Ali's life.
All Four Stars
Gladys Gatsby is a self-taught chef at age eleven, partly due to the fact that her parents' idea of cooking involves only a microwave or a drive-through. A string of crazy circumstances results in Gladys being mistaken for a food critic, and now she must sneak into the city to review New York's hot new dessert bistro.
Also Known As Elvis
Skeezie is also called Elvis because he wears his dad's old leather jacket everywhere.  It is all he had left from when his dad abandoned the family years ago.  Now dad is back in the picture, and he wants Skeezie to come live with him and his new wife.  Skeezie is torn, and has to decide between staying with his mom and two sisters or moving out to be with his dad. 
Gabe Fuentes' summer takes a major shift as he unexpectedly becomes the Earth's ambassador to the Galaxy in this humor-laced adventure. Can he solve two sets of alien problems and save his parents from deportation?
Amber Brown Horses Around
Amber is happy to spend the summer after 4th grade with her friends at summer camp. She so enjoys learning to ride one of the wonderful horses that she doesn't even mind having to muck out Cinnamon's stall. But her worst enemy, Hannah, is one of her cabin mates, and Amber is sure Hannah has targeted her in some pranks. When Amber and her friends decide to exact revenge, things don't go as planned.
Anybody Shining?
With no children her age to play with, Arie Mae is lonely for a friend and begins writing to a cousin she’s never met. Arie Mae is determined to fill Caroline in on all that’s happening in her life and she is sure that will open the door between the families. Courtesy of a great author, Arie Mae presents as a delightful storyteller and brings to life the people and events in the mountains of 1920s North Carolina.
Rio has always dreamed of leaving the underwater city of Atlantia to live in the sun, but she is betrayed by her sister and must remain below. Now she learns the city has secrets: it is failing and soon everyone will have to leave or die. Can her secret power, the siren song, save her and the people she loves?
Babe Conquers the World
This is an inspiring biography about Babe Didrikson Zaharias, circa 1930-1950. Babe was a remarkable female athlete who excelled in basketball, track and field events, and golf. In addition, she was an Olympic medalist in three track and field events. This account of her impressive accomplishments offers encouragement to athletes and non-athletes alike.
Backwards Moon
Young witches Nettle and Bracken are charged with saving the coven. They must follow clues, create magic, find their mothers, and work to delay the humans who will destroy their paradise. Lots of action, magic, and some really human emotions enter into this fantasy.
Baseball Is…
This poetic salute to America's game attaches many senses to the action. The visual, the sounds, the definitions, the emotions, the fans of all ages, and even the heroes are part of this tribute.
Batplanes and Batcopters
Readers of this book will be treated to the real-life science and technology behind the gadgets used by Batman! Included are historical notes about when inventions were first made, and by whom, along with how Batman uses something similar. This book melds history of scientific and aerodynamic advances with appeal to those readers who crave more and more about Batman!
Because They Marched
Freedman writes a riveting account of this pivotal event in the history of civil rights. In January 1965, more than 100 teachers attempted to register to vote. They were met with violence on the courthouse steps in Selma, Alabama. The brutal confrontations with Alabama state troopers were captured on television footage by all the major networks. This convinced the nation - and Congress - that something finally had to be done. In what has been termed "the crowning achievement of the civil rights movement," the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed. A timeline, select bibliography, source notes, and index round out this well-researched, well-organized story that honors the many who stood up and fought against glaring inequities at the ballot box. This volume is ideal for research projects, and deserves a place alongside other important depictions of this period in our history.
Ben Franklin's Big Splash
This fictional story, based on fact, portrays the ingenuity and inventiveness of Ben Franklin. Rosenstock provides readers with a story that demonstrates perseverance and how hard work pays off. The illustrations and text are a perfect match. At the end of the book, the author provides the factual information used as the basis for the story. A time-line of important events in Benjamin Franklin's life is also included.
Benny Goodman & Teddy Wilson
This beautifully illustrated book describes the lives and music relationship of Benny Goodman and Teddy Wilson, who played together in the Benny Goodman Trio and later the Benny Goodman Quartet. They were perhaps one of the first racially integrated bands to play publicly. The author provides additional historical information along with a timeline at the end of the book.
Twelve-year-old Jewel was born the day her brother, Bird, died. Her Jamaican family blames her grandfather for Bird’s death, and he hasn’t spoken a word since that day. Jewel's house is full of secrets and fear and the family struggles with loss, guilt, and blame and Jewel believes she can never live up to the memory of her beloved brother. Jewel meets a boy with his own secrets and struggles and eventually finds in him a kindred spirit.
Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond, The
Violet Diamond is tired of people asking if she is adopted. She struggles with her identity as a biracial child in a white family and a mostly white community until she meets her father’s side of the family. At first, being with these new family members isn’t easy, but the puzzle pieces of her life begin coming together and she grows in confidence.
Body Bones
This nonfiction text explores the framework of bones, both animal and human. Photographs overlaid with diagrams of skeletal structure provide an in-depth view of how bone structures work, and simple text explains different skeletal types and the components that comprise their makeup.
Bookmarks Are People Too!
Hank, of the Hank Zipzer series, is now in 2nd grade. Somehow, without intending to, he keeps making his classmates laugh. Although he wants the lead in the class play, he freezes up in the audition and instead is given the role of a bookmark. But in the actual performance, the lead character freezes and Hank has to save the day. This book is written in Dyslexie font, making it a great selection for challenged readers.
Boundless, The
Will's father works for the railroad laying tracks across the Canadian wilderness. Will loves to read his father's letters and draw pictures of all his adventures. When he joins his father for the first journey of The Boundless, the biggest, most wondrous train the world has ever seen, his own adventure begins. Somehow Will winds up in possession of the only key to a train car full of treasure, and must enlist the help of a traveling circus to thwart a sinister plot that endangers the entire journey of The Boundless.
Brown Girl Dreaming
Woodson uses free verse to tell the stories of her childhood in this highly acclaimed book, which has earned multiple starred reviews. Born in 1963, Woodson portrays her growing up experiences during the civil rights movement in Greenville, South Carolina, and later Brooklyn. Her love of storytelling and her development as a writer is a central theme to this beautifully written collection of poems.
Building the Transcontinental Railroad
This historically accurate narrative allows the reader to choose from three different perspectives: a Chinese worker, an Irish laborer, or an engineer. Each option offers many opportunities to choose what will happen next, allowing students to develop perspectives and point-of-view. After basic information about the task, times, and possible outcomes are given, the reader must choose. This book can read many different ways; and like all great expository works, it provides graphic aids, glossary, index, bibliography, and even web sites.
By the Grace of Todd
Todd's room is not only a mess, it's disgusting. The smells coming from his room are unbelievable. His mother has had enough and demands he clean up his room. He decides to look under his bed to see if there is any room to stuff any of the things on the floor. His attention is quickly drawn to his dirty stinky football socks from last fall - not only by the smell, but by the little lights coming off his socks. In walks the brainy neighbor girl, and he decides to show her the socks. She gets a magnifying glass from home, and what do they discover? A new civilization of very tiny humans has sprung up from the materials left on his dirty socks!
Cast Is the Perfect Accessory, A
Mandy is jealous of the attention Natalie receives for having a broken wrist, and is worried that her friendship with Anya may be in jeopardy when Mrs. Spangle assigns Anya to be Natalie's buddy. Can Mandy figure out a way to get back into the center of attention, win back her best friend, AND snag a pair of fancy-dancy periwinkle sunglasses?
Charlie Bumpers vs. the Really Nice Gnome
The fourth grade play is coming up, and the part Charlie does NOT want is exactly the part he gets: the really nice gnome! All efforts of wrangling and possible trades bring him no solution - until Charlie and a friend rewrite the parts. Of course, that doesn’t escape the teacher’s notice; and after many trials, Charlie finally agrees to be the best he can be in this humorous addition to the Charlie Bumpers series.
Charlie Bumpers vs. the Squeaking Skull
As Halloween nears, Charlie and Tommy hope to get out of taking their little sisters trick-or-treating so they can go by themselves to Alex's upscale neighborhood instead, and then attend a sleepover at Alex's house. But when Charlie learns that party goers will be watching a very scary horror movie, he panics. Fans are treated to another great read in the Charlie Bumpers series.
Chasing the Milky Way
Lucy wants out of the Sunnyside Trailer Park where she lives with her mother who suffers from mental illness. Her way out is to attend and win the BotBlock competition with her friend Cam. As Lucy's mother spirals out of control, so does the opportunity to enter the competition.
Circle of Stones
The mystical history and intrigue of Bath, England, is intertwined within three time periods. The period of the druid king who discovers its healing waters, the famous architect who created the first circular street, the King's Circus, and present day England where the mystery of a teenage girl's past is revealed.
Colonel Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt was born into a family with privilege and money. His love for the outdoors drove him to being a rancher in the Dakota Territory, an adventurer, and a Rough Rider. He also had a strong drive for public service. He not only ran for public office, he became known for stopping corruption in the public services. When he became President, he continued to work against corruption by breaking up powerful monopolies. His passion to preserve the environment showed in his significant conservation efforts.
Contract, The
In Kalamazoo, Michigan, eight-year-old Derek Jeter dreams of playing for the New York Yankees. Though he has to put aspects of his dream on hold for a time, he learns what it takes to be a champion on and off the baseball field: to always do his best, be a great teammate and friend, keep those grades up, and more. He finds there are specific steps he can take to make his dream come true.
Copper Magic
On the shores of Lake Michigan in the year 1906, twelve-year-old Violet Blake unearths an ancient talisman - a copper hand. In Copper Magic, land and waters are alive with memories, intentions, and impulses. Magic alters Violet and brings her gifts - but not always the kind she thinks she needs to deal with a heartbroken father, missing her mother and baby brother, and life on a failing family farm. Formidable powers at the disposal of a young girl are hard to control and could actually jeopardize an entire town.
In 1835, the predictable, safe life Rufus has always known is forever changed now that his minister father has been put into a Philadelphia debtor's prison. He must support himself, and chess genius is his only marketable skill. At first, Rufus feels honored to be employed as the secret operator of a chess-playing automaton, but now he finds himself almost enslaved by the cruel owner of this show apparatus. Those who previously did Rufus' job have mysteriously disappeared, which means his own life may be in danger. A cast of fictitious and historical characters, including P. T. Barnum, Edgar Allan Poe and his teenage wife among others, combine with suspense and mystery to offer a unique glimpse into this slice of American history.
Cute As a Button
Zoey is helping take care of her aunt's dog, Draper. She is also sewing him dog clothes to wear out on their walks. Soon a number of people are asking Zoey to make clothes for their dogs. How will Zoey take care of Draper and get everything done? Family relationships, responsibility and entrepreneurial challenges combine with a good plot for an intriguing story.
Deep-Sea Disaster
Harry Hammerhead is just a usual, boring shark until his class field trip to a shipwreck turns dangerous. Can he save his classmates? Cartoon-like illustrations underscore themes of teamwork and following instructions.
Dogs of War
Military history comes alive in this account of the relationships between soldiers and their heroic dogs that served our military in World War I, World War II, and Vietnam. Actual reading level is late-elementary, while interest level and topic make this a great book for struggling middle-grade readers.
Double Reverse
When Jesse's brother Jay is asked to switch from quarterback to safety on the college football team, Jesse decides to try out for quarterback and switch from wide receiver on his 9th-grade team. Then they need a kicker, and in comes Savannah. Now they must all rise above stereotypes and prior expectations to bring their teams to success.
Twelve-year-old Lucy Darrington goes on a quest to find her missing father in a remote, magical territory in the Pacific Northwest. He was searching for dreamwood, a rare tree with magical powers that might be the cure for a blight that is killing the forests. Lucy and a new friend, Pete, follow her father’s trail that leads to an exciting adventure.
Eliza Bing Is (Not) a Big, Fat Quitter
Eliza has had many hobbies, and none of them has lasted very long. Desperate to work through her ADHD and show her parents that she can be diligent, she volunteers to take her brother's unwanted spot in a Tae Kwon Do class.
End or Something Like That, The
Her best friend Kim died one year ago and Emmy has been expecting a visit from her ever since – Kim promised she’d return. When Emmy attends the funeral of her science teacher she is shocked to be approached by her ghost. Then she’s visited by more ghosts; everyone but Kim. Told in parallel time lines, Emmy describes the months leading up to Kim's death, including a major betrayal and strong skepticism about the possibility of an afterlife; she also tells her story in real time, one year after Kim's death.
Extra Innings
Tiki and Ronde have their sights set on a big diamond - a baseball diamond. Even though they are experienced athletes, they've never played baseball before. Will they have what it takes to make the team? Batter up!
Fantasy League
Twelve-year-old Charlie is a fantasy football guru. Though only a bench warmer for his school's football team, his knowledge of the sport is incredible! When his fantasy pick podcast is noticed by a sports radio host, Charlie is befriended by the elderly owner of the L.A. Bulldogs and convinces him to take a chance on an aging quarterback. Charlie becomes a media curiosity and source of conflict for the Bulldogs general manager, whose job Charlie seems to have taken. For a kid just trying to stay on top of his grades and maintain his friendship with Anna, his verbal sparring partner, it's all a bit much.
Fiona's Lace
Patricia Palacco does it again with her latest book, Fiona's Lace. Palacco's great-great-grandmother lived in Limerick, Ireland, and was known for the exquisite lace she created. Fiona passes this talent to her own daughter, the family immigrates to America, and the lace brings the family back together after the terrible Chicago Fire. This story is a beautiful addition to your Palacco collection.
Firefly July
This is an excellent anthology of poems from such poets as Cid Coreman, Raymond Souster, William Carlos Williams, Lillian Morrison, Ralph Fletcher, Emily Dickinson, and Call Sandburg. Works by other famous poets are included as well. Illustrations by Melissa Sweet are a perfect match to the beautiful poems. All elementary libraries should include this in their collections.
Fly Away
In her music-loving family, Lucy is a poet and cannot sing, she thinks. Her sweet connection to her little brother, who is just learning to speak, sparks her hidden talent. When little brother wanders away during a dangerous flood time, Lucy must sing and hope for an answer that is part of her little brother's bedtime ritual and a song, "The Birdies Fly Away." Aunt Frankie affirms Lucy's talents in this warm family tale.
Forbidden Library, The
Alice hears her father talking to someone in the kitchen. Peeking in through the door she sees that he is speaking with a fairy and he's not happy. When she next sees her father he tells her he must go on a journey. He is lost at sea and she is sent to live with an uncle she has never met. Her uncle sends her to his library, a huge building behind his house, where she encounters a strange man - and the book shelves seem to shift and change configurations. That night she tries to sneak back into the library but things get even more strange.
Forget Me
Morgan's mysterious boyfriend, Flynn, is dead. When she learns that social media facial recognition software suggests he is really Evan, a boy who lives in a nearby town and he is not dead, she begins a dangerous journey to discover the secrets of his past and her family's involvement.
Freedom Summer
Scores of volunteers converged on Mississippi to open Freedom Schools in the summer of 1964. The schools taught the students about their civil rights and encouraged people to register to vote. When three volunteers turned up missing and later were found dead, national attention was brought to the cause. President Johnson shortly signed into law the Voting Rights Act, making voting discrimination practices illegal.
Friendship Over
Celie has problems. She is not talking to her best friend, Lula, and then has to wonder why Granny is freezing her trash. Girls will relate to the relationship difficulties, compounded by an older family member who now is acting strangely.
Furious Jones and the Assassin's Secret
Furious is still dealing with the murder of his mother seven months ago and the fact that his father doesn't seem to want him in his life. He sneaks into the city to see his father promote his latest book - only to see him murdered before his eyes. When more people in his life end up dead, Furious decides to find out who is murdering his family and friends - before he becomes the next victim!
Ghosts of Tupelo Landing, The
When Miss Lana accidentally purchases the old Tupelo Inn, it sets off a chain of events that lead to adventure, mystery and ghosts. The Desperado Detective Agency (a.k.a. Mo and Dale) is on the case. Will they be able to solve an old mystery, help a ghost, and save Grandma Miss Lacy's fortune? This book is a sequel to Three Times Lucky; however, it is not necessary to read the previous book to understand the story line.
Girls Rebel!
Rosa Parks, Barbara Walters, and Sally Ride have something in common. They are among a large group of women who fought for what they believed in and had enough spirit to follow through on those convictions. They challenged society's rules for women and, as a result, have brought positive changes to the lives of women today.
Glass Sentence, The
There’s been a disruption and all Earth’s continents have had their time periods scrambled, from pre-history to the far future. It’s a new age of exploration and Sophie Tims is living in 1891 Boston. When her explorer parents go missing and her brilliant cartographer uncle is kidnapped, Sophie must venture out into the unknown to rescue them. Theo, a refugee from the West, accompanies Sophie on a hair-raising voyage through uncharted waters and over rough terrain, relying largely on her uncle's maps to try and rescue her family - without losing their own lives.
Greek Mythology
Learn ancient stories of how Prometheus outsmarted the gods, how Achilles' heel led to his death, and how we mere mortals always seem to get mixed up in so many misadventures. This title is one of five stand-alone books in the Junior Genius Guide series by Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings.
Greek Myths and Legends
From the earliest civilizations people have wondered about the beginning of time. Where do we come from, who started our world, and why are we here? This book relates many of the myths and legends used by ancient Greeks to explain the world around them.
Guinea Dog 3
Sequel 3 is a worthy addition to the award-winning, hilariously funny middle-grade series about guinea pigs who act like other pets. When Pedro admits he has a paralyzing fear of water, his friends try to cheer him up with a pet. Only this pet won't leave the water - he swims like an otter.
Hades Speaks!
Hades escorts the reader on a tour of the land of the underworld as only the top god can. The author uses a light-hearted if slightly macabre first-person approach to describe the darker realms of Greek mythology. Learn about the monsters and special torments that may await you in the afterlife in this second title of the series Secrets of the Ancient Gods.
Half a World Away
Jaden was adopted from an orphanage in Eastern Europe when he was eight years old. When he arrived at his new home, he had many issues: setting fires, not feeling love for his new parents, and anger that his mother gave him up to the orphanage when he was four. Now that he is twelve years old, his family is traveling to Kazakhstan to adopt another child - a baby boy. When they get there, the baby they came for has already been adopted, and they are confronted with an agonizing decision between six other babies. Meanwhile, one of the toddlers at the orphanage has seemingly "chosen" Jaden, and now Jaden finds he is concerned with someone outside himself - a total deviation from the blinding fury that has long consumed him.
Hansel & Gretel
The author's original flare enhances this wonderful version of Hansel and Gretel, and illustrations create a dark and mysterious mood. Students will enjoy interpreting and analyzing the detail.
Hello, I'm Johnny Cash
The life of Johnny Cash from his humble Arkansas beginnings to his rise as a country music recording artist is recounted using lyrical language and beautiful illustrations by A. G. Ford. Readers will readily pick up on Johnny Cash's spirit of determination and perseverance.
History of Money, The: From Bartering to Banking
This expository experience with money guides the learner clearly from first evidences of wealth to present-day high-tech monetary systems. A slightly advanced vocabulary is enhanced by simple illustrations, allowing the learner to glean the information from either the text or the picture.
Hitch at the Fairmont, A
Jack's mother has died, and he is forced to live with his strange Aunt Edith at the swanky Fairmont Hotel. Then when Aunt Edith is kidnapped, Jack goes from fetching her chocolates to deciphering a ransom note - written in chocolate. Maybe in the process of finding his Aunt Edith he can also resolve the mystery behind his mother's death. So Jack tracks sinister villains, deciphers cryptic coded clues, and finds hidden passages and doorways with the help of an unlikely accomplice - Alfred Hitchcock himself!
Hot Dog!
Eleanor Roosevelt is hosting a picnic to entertain King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and decides to serve (gasp!) finger food - the all-American hot dog. Students will be entertained by the text and colorful illustrations. An author's note in the back provides more detailed information about the story.
I Lived on Butterfly Hill
In the throes of Pinochet's catastrophic takeover of Chile in 1973, people are disappearing. Celeste is worried when one of her friends fails to show up at school, and the rumors are that the family disappeared during the night. She has heard tales of prison ships in the harbor where people are held and beaten. Are her best friend and her family prisoners, or did they escape during the night? Celeste comes to hate the word "disappeared" but it takes on a whole new meaning when her parents have to go into hiding. Conditions continue to deteriorate until Celeste is sent to Maine by her grandmother to live with an aunt. Will her family ever be together again?
I Love You Just Enough
In this Book Five of the Hazel Ridge Farm Stories, Heather's family is committed to living an environmentally friendly life. As a result, Heather works outside with her family. One day she discovers a young wood duck that she aptly names Mr. Peet because of the sounds he makes. Responsibilities for feeding and care make Heather love Mr. Peet and wish to keep him. Learning and growing in her appreciation of nature and wildlife, she realizes that she must love him enough to allow him to leave when it is time.
Ice Whale
This dramatic nature tale is told in two voices: the whale and the boy. Through the decades after Toozak witnesses the birth of a whale with a distinctive birthmark, generations have pledged to protect the great whale Siku. With sightings confirmed, the promise is kept and scientists discover amazing factual information by joining in the sightings. The story begins in 1848, and continues into the future, 2048. Changes in climate, laws, and how all things interact with one another are noted in this fabulous book.
Immortal Max
Sam's biggest wish is to have a pedigree dog that he can call his own. However, he has a mutt named Max that his sister rescued, and pedigree dogs are expensive. Sam decides to begin a summer business to pay for his dog. There are many surprises and revelations along the way in this great story about responsibility and sacrifice.
Inventor's Secret, The
What would have happened if the Patriots had lost the Revolutionary War and America was still a colony of Britain's industrial empire? This alternate eighteenth-century novel finds Charlotte living under the radar, just barely surviving until she must join the resistance at age 17. When she finds "Grave", a boy lost in the woods, everything changes. She, along with her brother Ash, and Jack Winter must go to the Floating City to find the Inventor. Charlotte learns that Jack is actually one of Britannia's elite families on whom she must rely to achieve their goal. She struggles with pretending to being a lady and accepting Jack as a true partner. Truly creative and fun to read, this book is difficult to put down.
Jasmine and Maddie
Jasmine's father has died and she and her mother are struggling to make a new life for themselves. Maddie seems to have everything she could possible want, but looks can be deceiving. Narration alternates between the two girls to reveal personality and background variances which factor into their conflict. Can Jasmine and Maddie become friends? Middle school drama is vividly captured to portray point of view, adolescent identity questions, and learning to move on in an imperfect world.
Junction of Sunshine and Lucky, The
Auggie lives with her grandfather who is a trash hauler. As she begins a new school year in a different school, she suddenly becomes aware that some students have far more affluent lives than she and her little group of friends. When a beautification project begins, her less wealthy part of town is targeted, and the problem solving begins. Auggie and her grandfather discover hidden talents through recycled-object sculptures that they create and sell in this genuine feel-good story.
Just Jake
Jake is moving to a new state, a new grade, and a new school, but he remains at the bottom of the social ladder. Can Jake overcome a mean older sister and a truly wild bully? Lots of pictures embellish this easy-to-read school story.
Kids' Guide to Money in Sports, The
With eye-catching photos, layouts, colorful charts and graphics, this collection of data about money in sports gives the reader a fast-paced examination of the most, the least, the best and worst - and lots of added interests. While at a more advanced reading level, this book will not be a shelf-sitter!
Last-But-Not-Least Lola and the Wild Chicken
Lola Zuckerman, always last because of the Z, is in for the worst week ever. Her Mom and Dad are each traveling, Grandmother comes to stay, she wants to be best friends, but she is always the "rotten tomato". Her teacher and the principal each try to help, but Grandmother's social stories are the very best! There are so many real-life incidents, and working from a child's reasoning and point-of-view, this is fun, hilarious, and also a teaching tool.
League of Seven, The
This steampunky novel is the first in an alternate history series about Mangleborn monsters which the Septemberist Society had long ago trapped in underground prisons. But the Mangleborn are now escaping their prisons, as the America of 1875 discovers electricity - lifeblood of the Mangleborn. One of these monsters has brainwashed Archie's parents and the other Septemberists. So Archie and his friends set out to stop the Mangleborn's escape, rescue his parents, and save the world.
Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Master
Maisie and Felix use time-travel as they continue to learn the magic of the Elm Medona and Pickworth family histories. In this ninth and latest adventure, the twins travel to 15th-century Italy where they meet a young Leonardo da Vinci, dine with the great Medici family, and celebrate Carnival.
Leroy Ninker Saddles Up
This first in a series of Leroy Ninker chapter books introduces us to Leroy, his job at the drive-in movie theater, and his horse Maybelline. Leroy's quest to get a horse is primed by a newspaper ad. After walking all day, he immediately falls in love with the horse of his dreams, who comes with three rules that he must remember. And therein lies the makings of a joyful story!
Life of Zarf: The Trouble With Weasels
As a troll, Zarf Belford is at the bottom of the social ladder at Cotswin Middle School. But when the king goes missing and his insufferable son takes control, Zarf leads his friends Kenen and Chester on a rescue mission. Fairy tale mixes with real world in this illustrated and humorous adventure.
Lincoln's Grave Robbers
Counterfeiting was rampant in the 1870s, when it was estimated that half of all currency was phony. When master counterfeiter Benjamin Boyd was arrested and sent to prison, his gang members lost their meal ticket. So the gang devised a plan to steal Abraham Lincoln's corpse and hold it as ransom. Their demands were $200,000 in cash and Boyd's release from prison. Action alternates between Boyd's gang, the Secret Service agents on the trail, and an undercover agent who moves back and forth between the two groups in this nearly unknown tidbit of American history.
Lion Who Stole My Arm, The
Young Pedru has lost his right arm to a hungry lion that attacked him on his way home from fishing. Pedru wants revenge, but when he learns more about lions and the reasons for their increasing attacks, he develops a sense of understanding. Students will enjoy reading this story based on the realities of life in the African bush.
Little Moose Who Couldn't Go To Sleep, The
Little Moose cannot sleep, and it is affecting her entire life. She isn't doing well at school, and she is tired all the time. Her mother and father have tried several things, but nothing works. Finally Little Moose meets someone who can help her. A live field-recording of Maynard Moose on CD is included, along with a tongue-in-cheek Glossary to interpret Moose Words.
Lulu's Mysterious Mission
Lulu is exasperating, tiring, and thinks she is ever so clever. Then Lulu meets her match in a babysitter who is anything but ordinary. The formidable Ms. Sonia Sofia Solinsky is a spy in disguise. Lulu behaves as badly as possible.
M Is For Monster
Meet the fascinating main characters of myth and legend around the world in this alphabetical tribute to what lurks in the shadows, goes bump in the night, or thrills us to our bones. Poetic verse accompanied by expository side notes relay historical background and trivia surrounding the creatures of old and new horror tales.
Maddie's Dream
In this first book of the Ponies of Chincoteague series you meet Maddie, a young girl who loves her weekly riding lessons and working with her very favorite horse, Cloudy. She learns that Cloudy could be sold back to the unpleasant family she came from, and desperately concocts various plans to stop the sale. All the while, Maddie struggles with her decision to keep this quiet from her online Pony Post friends who might not want to be her friend anymore if she loses her only connection to Chincoteague. This book will resonate with those who truly love horse stories.
Map Trap, The
Alton finds ways to interpret all kinds of information and observations through map making. When his folder of secret maps is lost or stolen, he begins getting notes with orders that he must obey to get his maps back. He finds an unexpected ally in his efforts, and he just might succeed before his teacher, principal or someone else learns he has been studying and mapping things about them.
Miss Emily
A fresh view of the famous American poet Emily Dickinson is portrayed in this delightfully creative tale of the excitement the circus brought to town in the mid-1800s. As the neighbor children are captivated by the stories told by their esteemed and honored Emily, a plot to sneak out in the middle of the night and watch the arrival of the circus becomes a reality. An accident/incident exposes this adventure, and the truth comes out. This could be a most fabulous read-aloud!
Moses is an orphaned baby elephant who must go to the Jumbo Foundation Elephant Orphanage to live. Gentle text and adorable photographs of Moses with his caregivers warmly portray a baby's typical inquisitiveness. The story is interspersed with brief descriptions of elephant behavior and physical characteristics.
Mummy's Curse, The
Meet Cody, Quinn, Luke and M.E. - the code busters. This fourth case for the code busters starts after a trip to a museum about ancient Egypt when they discover that someone may be stealing artifacts and replacing them with cunning forgeries. The SLIP time travelers are back for another action-packed adventure - this time to ancient Egypt.
Murphy, Gold Rush Dog
Murphy escapes from his brutal owner on sore, bleeding paws and goes seeking food and a new home. Sally and Mama are now free from their wealthy but oppressive family in San Francisco, but find that life in a mining town is difficult, even after Murphy joins them. Sally comes to love Nome, Alaska, in spite of dangers from wild animals, harsh weather, and rough humans. But when it appears they will need to return to San Francisco, Sally and Murphy run away, hoping to find gold and make a permanent home. They must escape blizzards, bears, and now Murphy's original owner, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
My Explosive Diary
Eliza Boom is a child secret agent (almost) and an inventor of gadgets for spies (almost). Eliza realizes that she gave a top-secret roll of film to the class bully who is now using it for a hair bow. Can she get back the film and stop the spies? Themes of science, family, pets and mystery intertwine with humor in this whimsically illustrated tale.
My Zombie Hamster
Poor Matt Hunter doesn’t receive the fantasy video game he’s been wanting for Christmas. Instead, his present is a silly little hamster named Snuffles. Could things get any worse? Yes! When Snuffles becomes a zombie, Matt must figure out how to save the world from his pet.
Mysterious Patterns: Finding Fractals in Nature
This book contains beautiful photographs of fractals in the natural world, providing support for science and math concepts. At the end of the book, the author includes an activity explaining how students can make their own fractals.
Nanny X
Ali and Jake have a problem. Their mother wants to go back to work, leaving them in the care of an eccentric older caregiver. Nanny X talks into a diaper which seemingly answers her back. The siblings end up helping her with a secret mission for the Nanny Action Patrol! Students will enjoy this humorous adventure.
New Orleans!
Alfie and Emilia magically travel to New Orleans with their great-aunt Zia, where they help save a jazz performance venue and find a long-lost cookbook. From beignets and gumbo, to jazz and zydeco, Alfie and Emilia experience everything New Orleans has to offer, all while trying to find their way home.
Odd, Weird, & Little
Woodrow has always been considered an outsider. Students make fun of him and pick on him all the time. One day a new student from Canada, Toulouse, enrolls in his school. He is very small, intelligent, well-read, and he has unusual features. Can Woodrow and Toulouse become friends, and will their friendship make them targets for the school bullies?
Of Sorcery and Snow
The fantasy Ever After School series continues with this third tale of interwoven magical stories. Rory Landon sets off to end the reign of the Snow Queen, who has swayed the Pied Piper to kidnap several children. Rory and friends band together and go to the rescue.
Ollie and the Science of Treasure Hunting
Ollie thinks he's going to have a quiet summer at Wilderness camp; but a buried pirate treasure, a scout leader being blackmailed, and some bullies wreck his prospects of lying low. Ollie finds himself surrounded by mystery and harrowing adventure.
Once Upon a Midnight Eerie
Twins Edgar and Allan Poe are mystery solvers who can read each other's minds. Their success as sleuths has landed them a part in a major motion picture, but they soon discover that moviemaking isn't all it's cracked up to be - especially when someone is after them with harmful intentions.
Orphan and the Mouse, The
Set in the 1940s, the mice of the Cherry Street Children's Home are surviving in the walls of the institution. All is going well for them, until Mary mouse finds herself in a predicament and is rescued by one of the orphans, Caro. This sets off a string of events that reveal nothing is as it appears to be. Students will love this wonderful adventure which includes many references and comparisons to Stuart Little.
Outside the Box
Fun with words, humorous poems, and delightful black-and-white drawings all work together to make a pleasant escape for young learners. Poems are loosely gathered by topic and are fun to read silently, but many beg to be read aloud.
P Is For Pirate
The alphabet is cleverly associated with all things pirate, including famous pirates and pirate ships, pirate lingo, treasure, and weaponry. Students will love the historical background provided by Eve Bunting. Entertaining illustrations by John Manders enhance this light-hearted anthology of pirate lore.
Paper Cowboy, The
Though he thinks of himself as a cowboy, twelve-year-old Tommy is really a bully. Although he is always playing cruel jokes on classmates and stealing from the store, you find out he has somewhat of a reason: he is being badly beaten by his mother, who may be mentally ill, and his father will not come to his aid. When is older sister is badly burned and in the hospital, Tommy takes over her paper route. This regular swing through the locality becomes the perfect way for Tommy to investigate his neighbors after stumbling across a communist newspaper. Despite his efforts to do right and "be a cowboy," Tommy finds himself acting more like the outlaw. This is a thoughtful story about understanding and compassion, distinguished by complex characters and a supportive, tight-knit community in the 1950s.
Pennyroyal Academy
Having neither name nor past and first met racing through an enchanted forest clad only in spider webs, Cadet Eleven (Evie) finds herself enrolled at Pennyroyal Academy. Under the tutelage of a tiny but fierce Fairy Drillsergeant, she learns how to fight witches, along with ball-gown tailoring and other princessly skills. Evie, whose past is illuminated bit by bit, turns out to have been lovingly raised, though not by humans. The Academy's final wilderness challenge forces Evie to face her fears and her past.
Philip Reid Saves the Statue of Freedom
This little-known story shares how a slave during 1859, Philip Reid, saved the Statue of Freedom, which was being created to top the new dome of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. Without his skill and ingenuity, this important icon of Americana could have been destroyed, altered, or never completed. Through this historical account we get a glimpse into the contributions of skilled African-Americans to the everyday life and progress of our nation.
Phineas L. MacGuire… Gets Cooking!
Phineas is a scientist, which makes him a target for the resident bully. Phineas must deliver a dozen brownies on demand, and in the process, learn to cook. Discoveries made: cooking is a science, ingredients have scientific properties, and explosions are possible! Meanwhile, an unlikely sort of friendship develops, which makes this book a light-hearted but useful tool when the discussion is bullying
Playing For the Commandant
Hanna struggles to survive in a Nazi prison camp by playing the piano for the commandant, his family, and guests. The meager advantages she gains from this relationship help keep her and her sister alive, but the most surprising aspect is the attraction she feels for his son. Is this a betrayal to her family and Jewish heritage?
Popular: A Memoir
In this true story of Maya's struggle to improve her spot on the "social ladder" of her middle school, she challenges herself to follow the rules of a book written in the 1950s by a former teen model. Each month Maya follows a different chapter from "Betty Cornell's Teenage Popularity Guide" with results ranging from hilarious to painful to surprising. What happens to Maya's outlook is amazing. What happens in her school is even more so. Told honestly and with lots of self-deprecating humor, this contemporary glimpse into kindness and self-confidence is a must-read for every teenage girl.
Princess and the Foal, The
In this engaging novel inspired by the real-life story of Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein of Jordan, Princess Haya is devastated when her mother is killed in an accident. Her new nanny is very strict, making things even worse. Then her favorite mare in her father's stables dies while giving birth, and she is devastated again. Haya's father gives her the foal for her birthday, and her world is changed completely. She takes total responsibility for the foal, feeding her day and night, and their bond continues to grow.
Prisoner B-3087
Yanek Gruener was a Jew living in Poland during the 1930s. He and his family are forced to live in a Ghetto with danger and hunger at every turn. The real horror starts when all Jews from the Ghetto are herded into railroad boxcars and hauled away. Yanek is separated from his family and forced to work in a concentration camp. Starvation and illness are second only to the brutality of some of the guards who beat or kill anyone with little or no reason. Yanek is forced to move from concentration camp to concentration camp, each with its own set of rules that he had better learn fast or he won't live long.
Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky
Tomi lives in California, the Japanese have just bombed Pearl Harbor, and the US is at war! Her Japanese-American family is now subject to ostracism and hostility. One day the police come to their house accusing her father of being a spy, and he is arrested. Then Tomi and the rest of the family are sent away to a relocation camp in Colorado, where Tomi has a choice to accept their new life or be angry at the injustice. Will her family ever be together again?
Red Madness
Pellagra was a horrific disease that left its victims weak, disfigured or even insane, with a 30 percent mortality rate. A hundred years ago it was plaguing the American south. This account discusses how researchers and public health officials identified the cause and put a stop to this fearsome epidemic, while touching on side issues such as the industrialization of America's food supply, the rise of sensational journalism, and how we treat our ill, poor, and elderly citizens.
Revolutionary War Spies
During the Revolutionary War, spies were instrumental in determining the location, the strength and weapons of the opposing army. The spies had to memorize every detail because if they had written notes and were caught they could be killed. Benedict Arnold was a famous spy of the period who first was a member of the Continental Army, but eventually became a spy for the British.
Roller Derby Rivals
Roller Derby has been a sport for both genders, but its popularity boomed in 1948 when World War II was over. TV was about to become a national pastime, and strong women could show coordination, muscle, and spunk on the track. Based upon actual historical finding, the story of "Toughie" and Gerry serves to remind us of early TV and the popularity of women's Roller Derby. Fierce competition between Toughie and Gerry sparked the fans; and it was a bit of a letdown to learn that they were really friends, and the rough, raucous interactions during competitions were just for show!
Rory's Promise
Rory and her little sister, Violet, have been living in the Sisters of Charity Foundling Hospital ever since their mother died. When the sisters put Violet on a train to send her west to a new home, Rory stows away on the same train out of determination to stick by Violet. Based on a true story in a little-known segment of history, the Orphan Train children arrive in Arizona only to be claimed and fought over by members of both the white and the Hispanic communities. Action and suspense pair with a strong female main character to hold the intermediate-level (and older) reader's attention.
S Is For Sea Glass
Using poetic style, this presentation of the alphabet describes attributes of the seaside - from making sand angels to making "Zs" while sleeping on the beach. Watercolor illustrations provide a wonderful match with the lyrical verse. This would serve well as a writing model for students to create their own alphabet books.
Saving Kabul Corner
When her polite, pretty, perfect cousin Laila arrives from fleeing the Taliban in Afghanistan, twelve-year-old tomboy Ariana's life turns upside down. Her dreams of having her own room are now gone. Then a rival Afghani food market opens at the same California shopping plaza as her family's already-established store and with it brings the threat of an awakened family feud. When strange things start to happen at both markets, schoolgirl conflicts give way to collaboration among the cousins and the family's enemy in order to solve the mystery of who is sabotaging their livelihoods. Ariana is strong-willed and loyal, and readers will easily relate to her jealousy over Laila's relationship with her best friend, as well as with her longings for a new home and a room of her own. Several characters from Shooting Kabul return, but this companion title can be easily enjoyed on its own.
Tate's father is always controlling his life, including what he eats and what he is allowed to do. Tate rebels and takes one of his dad's tech inventions to school, which sets off a tragic chain of events. His father is killed and he and his girlfriend are running from enemies determined to acquire his dad's invention. They are not ordinary assassins, but aliens; and the invention, a scanner, can help determine human from alien. It is the only such scanner in existence and the aliens want it. Tate is now on the run and is trying to save the human race.
Schools of Hope
The conditions of African American schools in the south were deplorable at the turn of the 20th century. Julius Rosenwald, the president of Sears, Roebuck and Company, believed that providing a better education for African Americans would create a much larger black middle class. He also believed that the community needed to have a vested interest in building the schools. With cooperation from both blacks and whites in a community, he helped fund the building of 5,300 quality and well-designed schools across the south.
Searching for Silverheels
The beautiful dancer Silverheels was a favorite of the Colorado miners; and when the 1861 smallpox epidemic hit them, she took care of them.  When Silverheels herself caught the disease, her beauty was ravaged, so she disappeared.  Now decades later, thirteen-year-old Pearl sets out to prove Silverheels was a kind person - not a gold-digger out for the miners' money. Interwoven with Pearl's efforts are America's entrance into World War I, the related suspicion of German immigrants, and the campaign of suffragettes, offering an intriguing glimpse into life one hundred years ago.
Secret Hum of a Daisy, The
When twelve-year-old Grace loses her mother, she must go live with a grandmother she doesn't know. Grief over her loss and growing awareness of rocky family relationships seem overwhelming at first. In the course of a mysterious treasure hunt just like the ones her mother used to send her on, Grace gradually finds closure about decisions made before she was born, and discovers the value of forgiveness. Love of art and coming to terms with life are intertwined in this story beautifully told at an intermediate reading level.
Seeing Red
Red's father dies, leaving lots of decisions for him and his mother, including what to do with the long-time family business, a gas station and auto repair shop. Race relations in Rocky Gap, Virginia, a long-time hold-out of Southern attitudes, confront Red with the realization that a lot more than car motors and dented fenders need fixing in his world.
Serafina's Promise
Lovely verse and rich imagery combine to tell the story of Serafina, a poor child living just outside Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Serafina dreams of being a doctor and attending school are high priority for her, but fraught with challenge when an earthquake wreaks havoc, their family is separated, and her baby brother is desperately ill. Culture and social studies combine with family ties and action in a manner appealing to older students who read at a late-elementary level.
Shadow Prince, The
Daphne Raines lives a quiet life until her rock-star father reappears in her life offering her full-tuition and entrance to Olympus Hill High’s esteemed music program. Arriving in glamorous Olympus Hill is definitely a culture shock for Daphne, but she is determined to put up with her difficult father and snobby classmates in order to fulfill her dreams of becoming a singer. Little does Daphne know that her world is set to collide with that of Haden Lord, shamed prince of the Underrealm who has arrived in Olympus Hills to pose as a high school student, searching for the one girl who could be the key to restore immortality to his race.
Ship of Dolls
It is 1926, and Lexie Lewis desperately wants to be reunited with her mother in San Francisco. However, she now lives with her grandparents in Portland, Oregon. Lexie learns that her school is holding a contest: the student who writes the best introduction letter for the class doll being sent to Japan for the doll festival gets to go to the send-off party in San Francisco. Lexie's mother will be singing at the party! Will Lexie be able to compose the best letter and be reunited with her mother? Will her letter be considered on its own merits and allow her to defeat her classmate, Louise, who is the privileged daughter of the school board president?
Short Tale About a Long Dog, A
Hank makes known his wish to have a dog. His dad agrees only if Hank's grades will get better. When he shows some progress, he talks his dad into a visit to the dog pound where a puppy chooses Hank. Cheerio is a young puppy with few manners, so Hank feels the pressure of teaching Cheerio all the right stuff. When the school bully unleashes Cheerio and causes disaster, dad demands that Cheerio go back to the pound. This book is written in a Dyslexie font that is easier to read for learners with reading challenges.
Side by Side Basketball Stars
Analyzing data, making comparisons, matching skills, height, weight, accumulated points, and more - this collection of facts may be a stepping stone to a future career for those interested in sports trivia and history. Action photos, great graphics, and straightforward text combine to make this a winner!
Sittin' Up, The
It is 1940 and the last man who was a slave has died in the Low Meadows of North Carolina. Having lived with Bean's family the last few years of his life, Mr. Bro Wiley was like an adopted grandfather to Bean. In the midst of their grief, Bean and his friend Pole are honored to be included in Mr. Bro's Sittin' Up - a wake for the dead. Things turn to disaster when the river starts to flood and they must leave the Sittin' Up. Master storytelling unfolds this charming tale at an intermediate reading level.
Sky Raiders: Five Kingdoms
Cole Randolph gets more than he bargained for when he and his friends visit a local haunted house on Halloween. He finds himself following his kidnapped friends through a portal to the Outskirts, a magical world made up of five kingdoms. Cole is challenged to survive this unfamiliar place and help his new friends from the Outskirts, while trying to save his friends from home.
So, You Want to Work in Sports?
This comprehensive guide identifies what information is needed to get a start in a sports-related occupation. Many companion careers are profiled here, including coaches, teachers, scouts, officials, and sportscasters. Suggested activities allow the reader to begin exploring the world of sports to discover their aptitude for one of these careers.
Stop That Frog!
Delightfully distractable Hank! He is not a good reader and sometimes is disconnected from what the class is doing. But when the class gets to "frog sit" for the principal, Hank finds his niche. Pondering the weekend, Hank wins the vote to take Fred Frog home, and he memorizes the responsibilities. But he allows the lid off of Fred Frog's aquarium as he answers Dad's call, and the adventure begins. Fred is lost, and Hank, his dog Cheerio, and his two classmates do their best to find him. This book is written in Dyslexie font which is easier for challenged readers to decode.
Story of Buildings, The
From the most humble of shelters of long ago to the extreme, exquisite modern-day structures, this collection of amazingly detailed illustrations tells how each selected structure was built, including materials used, and technology incorporated. Many extended full-paged spreads enrich this splendid reference.
Streak, The: How Jo DiMaggio Became America's Hero
This story of Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak during 1941 includes vivid illustrations and text that encourage students to persevere even when faced with life's obstacles. Historical information about Joe DiMaggio and this time period are provided at the end of the book.
Many people today are unaware that the Civil Rights movement was not just in the South and about African Americans. This book relates the events which culminated in the Farm Workers Strike of the 1960s, set against the backdrop of the social and political tensions of the times. Farm workers in California were living in abject poverty, with pitifully low wages, poor or almost nonexistent housing options, and no running water or toilets. After years of hard work with gradually increasing support from local citizens, politicians, and the workers themselves, Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Union became a powerful voice for migrant workers.
Susan Marcus Bends the Rules
Susan's dad has lost his job and now the family needs to relocate to the St. Louis, Missouri, area. Unfortunately, Susan is finding it a little difficult to fit into 1940s St. Louis. Jim Crow laws are difficult for her to understand. When Susan makes a new friend, Loretta, she realizes the injustice of these laws and social circumstances in the South. As a result she decides to take a stand in her own way.
SWAT Teams: The Missions
Sometimes local police are called to respond to a threat which requires more weapons and training than they can muster. The first such event in 1966 prompted the formation of SWAT teams. Only the most committed, experienced, and decisive law enforcement officers qualify to become a member of these elite response teams which have now been established in most large metropolitan areas and military bases.
Tell Me
Twelve-year-old Anna has come to stay with her grandmother, Mim, hoping to forget her worries about her parent's troubled marriage. Fortunately her passion to be an actress gives her something else to focus on as she helps prepare for the town's Flower Festival. When she sees a girl her own age who is apparently being held against her will, can Anna convince the busy adults around her that something is really wrong here? A story of tenacity in the face of real-life challenges is told with humor and heart.
Thomas Jefferson: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Everything
This picture book captures many facets of the amazingly complex Thomas Jefferson. The end pages feature a portion of the Declaration of Independence, written largely by Jefferson. Kalman's bright illustrations showcase many details alluded to in the text, and varied fonts highlight key information.
Time To Dance, A
Veda is a gifted dancer in India who takes pride in her dance ability and challenges herself to become better. Life changes dramatically for Veda after an accident that leaves her with one leg amputated at the knee. Adjusting to a new prosthetic leg is difficult, but she is determined to regain her dance ability. Then Veda meets a young man, Govinda, who helps her strengthen her body and regain her dance skills while learning to approach dance in a different way.
Tiny Creatures: The World of Microbes
Invisible living things are all around us and interact with our daily lives in countless ways. In this book, microbes are explained clearly and simply using comparisons with familiar items with which students can relate. This compilation is suitable as a reference for research.
This well-written study of math vocabulary for triangles shows the learner and promotes hands-on involvement in identifying and working with triangles. The simple explanations and drawings come together to make sense for those who struggle with geometry. This is such a good book to have on the shelf for those learners who just don't grasp these concepts at first!
Troubles of Johnny Cannon, The
Horribly scarred in a car accident when he was a baby, Johnny has been shunned his whole life. When his brother leaves for a secret mission with the military in Nicaragua and his disabled father holes up in the shed with a short wave radio trying to make some money on a secret assignment, Johnny is lonelier than ever. Finding a friend in a nearby African American community in Alabama during 1961 poses additional challenges. Against the backdrop of the civil rights movement and the Bay of Pigs invasion, Johnny must take care of his family in the face of race riots, a huge tornado, and overdue house payments. Colloquial language and humor add spark to an action-packed story.
Tut: The Story of My Immortal Life
Granted the gift of immortality by the gods, King Tut, living as an 8th grader in Washington, DC, has been stuck in middle school for ages. To make things worse, evil General Horemheb, in league with the Cult of Set, is seeking revenge for his 3,000 year imprisonment at Tut's hands.
Twice as Nice
Charlie's popular ex-friends try to get her to return to the group so that she can fill the requirement needed (her good grades) to make them the new Junior Booster Club, which has school benefits. Is she being used, or do they really want her for being her?
Under the Egg
Before Theo's grandfather Jack dies, he reveals to her that there is a letter and a treasure hidden under the egg. This leads her to believe that she has possession of a missing Renaissance painting. Theo's mind goes wild thinking of the possibilities this might bring, since she and her absent-minded mom are living in a dilapidated townhouse and struggling financially. Theo and her unlikely new friend Bodhi seek to find out more about the painting and its worth. Along the way they unveil much more about Grandpa Jack, as well as the mystery behind the painting.
Voices From the March on Washington
On August 28, 1963, over a quarter of a million people gathered in our nation's capital to peacefully demonstrate for civil rights, a day which became the turning point for millions of lives. This collection of poems, many written from the perspective of six fictional characters, depicts the events leading up to the historic march and reactions to the speeches and music. Beautiful and easy to read, the writing conveys a strength that befits this momentous chapter in American history.
Voices From the Oregon Trail
This account of the Oregon Trail pulls the reader into the daily challenges, fears, and emotions of the hardy characters who lived this pivotal period of American history. Free-verse poems give voice to fictitious travelers and a Sioux scout onlooker while the vivid multi-media illustrations add drama to the epic. This would be a perfect study for point-of-view.
What is the Statue of Liberty?
This most famous statue began as the dream of a French professor of American history. Sculptor Bartholdi then created small models, and worked out the engineering that could make the full-size statue possible. This gift to our country is an imposing presence in New York Harbor for those who enter our country. It has recently been refurbished to last another many decades. This storylike account is interspersed with 16 pages of pictures.
What the Moon Said
When Esther's family moves from Chicago to a Wisconsin farm during the Great Depression, the hard-working new life is always shadowed by the superstitions of her emotionally distant mother. When those superstitions cast Esther's new best friend in a bad light and mother forbids them to be together, Esther's world darkens further. The combination of old-world cultures, a challenging time in history, and a young girl growing up makes for a riveting story.
What Was Ellis Island?
Thousands of immigrants landed at Ellis Island before being admitted to the United States. There they were checked for disease, likely potential for work, and later, whether they could read. The format is story like, and included are 16 pages of pictures as well as information about our country's more famous immigrants. This book builds on material presented in the related title What is the Statue of Liberty?
Who Is Dolly Parton?
This biography follows Dolly from her earliest years as a child of poverty in the woods of Tennessee through her education, and then into the world of entertainment at age 13. Although she quit school at one point, she came back to finish, and announced at her graduation that she was going to be a STAR!! Her peers laughed at her then, but not since. She is a highly successful entertainer, businesswoman, and humanitarian.
Who Is Gloria Steinem?
This biography charts the life of Gloria Steinem, a famous leader in the fight for equal rights for women. She began where Susan B. Anthony and others left off, forging her way as a journalist in times when it was widely thought that only men could do the job. Her writings, her magazine, and her efforts have contributed to huge improvements in the lives of women around the world.
Who Is Muhammad Ali?
"The Greatest," as Muhammed Ali is known, began his journey into boxing as a young boy. He took the art of showmanship to new heights with his loud bragging, which sometimes gained him fans and sometimes lost them. Throughout his life, he maintained that he just wanted to treat people right. This biography covers the high points of his life, interjected with significant events from that time period.
Who Was Abigail Adams?
This biography follows Dolly from her earliest years as a child of poverty in the woods of Tennessee through her education, and then into the world of entertainment at age 13. Although she quit school at one point, she came back to finish, and announced at her graduation that she was going to be a STAR!! Her peers laughed at her then, but not since. She is a highly successful entertainer, businesswoman, and humanitarian.
Who Was Bruce Lee?
This is the biography of Bruce Lee, the amazing performer who studied, mastered, and embellished many forms of the ancient martial arts. He became a star in movies early on, but resisted those in which the Chinese were featured in a negative light. Black-and-white drawings illustrate his story and a side-by-side timeline guides the reader through his short life.
Who Was Frederick Douglass?
Frederick Douglas was born a slave and lived part of his childhood under most difficult conditions, during which he came to detest slavery. He was taught to read and write even though it was illegal to teach such things to a slave, and he realized that education was the path to freedom. He secretly taught other slaves, and then escaped so he could pursue his quest to free slaves and stop slavery in the United States.
Who Was Gandhi?
Mohandus Gandhi was first a devoted learner, then a leader who espoused non-violent non-cooperation to push for reforms in India. He gained such respect that often his adversaries would fold rather than allow his fasting to take his life. He spent several stretches of time in prison for his non-cooperation. A comparison timeline helps the reader track his life compared to other world and national events.
Who Was Louis Braille?
When Louis Braille was three years old, he had a terrible accident that left him blind. Braille's parents were determined that he would learn to read and write. This book follows Braille's life as he attended school, and details the development of his Braille system and the hardship he faced in getting people to accept it.
Who Was Marie Curie?
This biography documents the struggles of Marie, first to be allowed to study, then to attend a university, and finally to become a scientist in her own right. She was brilliant, fluent in five languages, and so totally devoted to her work that she endured bitter cold and filthy working conditions in order to conduct her experiments. She discovered polonium and radium, was honored twice with a Nobel Prize, and became a humanitarian when she invented a portable X-ray machine.
Who Was Rachel Carson?
Rachel Carson exerted life-long effort to change our world for the better. A born writer and observer, her scientific efforts earned praise and culminated in her life work, The Silent Spring, which has awakened the world to environmental concerns and urged conservation efforts.
Who Was Susan B. Anthony?
This biography gives insight into the life of Susan B. Anthony and her quest for women's rights, specifically the right for women to vote. Simple black-and-white drawings aptly support this account of an influential leader.
Who Was Ulysses S. Grant?
This biography charts the life of Ulysses S. Grant, soldier, Civil War hero, and our 18th president. As a child, his love of horses helped him to escape having to work in his father's tannery. His school scores were not stellar, yet he was admitted to West Point where he developed friendships with many who would later help him in battles and during his presidency.
Win or Lose
The soccer championship trophy is within reach, but the 8th grade girls and the 7th grade girls on the team are fighting each other. Can Devin help extend their unlikely winning streak all the way to the championship? Intermediate readers will readily relate with the situations, emotions and characters portrayed in this well-written story.
Wind Dancer
Thirteen-year-old Ali lost her beloved pony in a traumatic accident, and is reluctant to help her parents care for a neglected and malnourished Appaloosa, Wind Dancer. However, she finds it to be a good distraction from her brother, who returned home from deployment in the Middle East with PTSD and a missing leg. Then she begins to wonder if this wounded horse might be part of the therapy her brother needs.
Wipeout of the Wireless Weenies
Open this book to find thirty-three humorous and harrowing stories about clothes-eating bacteria, a zombie apocalypse, a monstrous butcher shop, wireless weenies and other frightful, fanciful fiction. Included are notes about how the author got his ideas for these stories - an imagination trigger for young writers-to-be.
World's Best Noses, Ears, and Eyes, The
By comparing animal senses - seeing, smelling and hearing - the author provides the reader with evidence as to why certain animals may have the best eyes, ears, or noses. The reader gets to decide which animal they feel is best. This would be a great writing model for teaching persuasion and evidence.

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