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KNEA Representative Assembly

Some 500 locally elected delegates come to Topeka for the annual KNEA Representative Assembly that sets policy and guidelines for the association throughout the year.

The 2019 KNEA RA will be held April 6-7, 2019, in Topeka.

Future KNEA RA Dates: 
April 25-26, 2020 - Topeka, KS

Hotel Reservations
Capitol Plaza Hotel
1717 SW Topeka Blvd
Topeka KS 66612

All reservations must be made by March 5, 2019

Delegate Report Forms
Local Presidents may report delegates electronically here.

Please contact Sarah Meyer at or 785-232-8271 with any questions or changes to your delegate report.

More about the KNEA RA
The delegates address a myriad of issues that impact Kansas public schools by considering new business items, which involve actions on the part of KNEA, and resolutions, which are statements of belief.

For the past few years KNEA RA delegates also participate in "critical issues" discussions on current issues, such as school funding, economic Development, teacher evaluation, school improvement, testing and advocating for Kansas public schools and the teaching profession.

The following student scholarships are presented to KNEA members in college.



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