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2015 Session
Under the Dome - May 7, 2015
Things Begin Moving Under the Dome: Tax talks, AFP carpet-bombs Kansas with anti-tax mailers, When is a dollar not a dollar?

Under the Dome - May 6, 2015
Senate approves bills on state employees due process, KPERS working after retirement, Committees talk about KPERS privatization.

Under the Dome - May 5, 2015
Legislature easily overrides Governor's veto of Uber, Senator Lynn leads efforts to end due process for state employees, Working After Retirement bill expected to be up today.

Under the Dome - May 4, 2015
Senate KPERS Committee crafts new bill on working after retirement.

Under the Dome - April 30, 2015
Legislature starting up slowly, another review of the fiscal mess; KPERS working after retirement changes being considered.

Under the Dome - April 24, 2015
Appropriations Committee Meets; Reviews the Bad News.

Under the Dome - April 21, 2015
Revenue continuing to collapse - Brownback tax policy is NOT working!

Under the Dome - April 15, 2015
State Board of Education considering end of teacher licensure.

Under the Dome - April 1, 2015
Coalition calls for restoration of income tax cuts, What's happening?

Under the Dome - March 31, 2015
Senate Commerce Committee passes bill marginalizing public employees, KPERS bonding bill comes out of conference, Conference Committee agrees to move local elections, Editorials and just plain good reporting, Senior KNEA lobbyist schooled by freshman legislator.

Under the Dome - March 30, 2015
Making (some) colleges affordable, KPERS working after retirement bill on House floor tomorrow, Drop Dead Week off to a slow start. 

Under the Dome - March 26, 2015
KPERS update.

Under the Dome - March 25, 2015
Senate votes down Melcher PNA bill, Senate Ed Committee finishes hearing on Abrams finance bill, Legislature to be out until next week.

Under the Dome - March 24, 2015
Melcher leads attack on teachers, Debate on payroll deduction and PEERA bill halted.

Under the Dome - March 23, 2015
School Finance Pilot Project, Senate still has time to ban payroll deduction, Three days "on the floor."

Under the Dome - March 20, 2015
HB 2096 - the anti-public service bill - goes to the full Senate next week, Make yourself heard!, House Committee kills common core repeal bill, Second turnaround approaches.

Under the Dome - March 19, 2015
Senate Committee strips public employees of rights, Senate Ed Committee again takes up PNA, House Ed Committee dispatches five bills.

Under the Dome - March 18, 2015
Anti-Public Employee Bills up tomorrow morning, House Ed hears fingerprinting/background check expansion, Still to come.

Under the Dome - March 17, 2015
Senate Commerce Committee to take up payroll deduction,  collective bargaining bills tomorrow morning! TAKE ACTION TONIGHT, SHOW UP TOMORROW!

Under the Dome - March 16, 2015 Special Edition
Senate passes block grant bill.

Under the Dome - March 16, 2015
Could the House reconsider SB7? So now the Senate, Meanwhile, over in the Courts..., Freshman Republicans getting schooled on school finance (after the vote).

Under the Dome - March 13, 2015
House barely passes school finance bill, Governor flies in Virgil Peck!, Payroll deduction bill gets a hearing

Under the Dome - March 12, 2015
Block Grant Bill advances to final action! Final vote at 8:00 tomorrow morning! TAKE ACTION!

Under the Dome - March 11, 2015
Senate Committee hears bill to end collective bargaining for state, municipal employees, And why not ban payroll deduction!, Block grant finance plan now up to "ramming speed," House Ed Committee considers bill to replace the Teacher of the Year program.

Under the Dome - March 10, 2015
House putting elimination of finance formula on fast track, Hearings on block grants in both chambers, Senate to consider prohibiting public employees from paying association dues via payroll deduction.

Under the Dome - March, 4, 2015
Senate Passes Bill on Public Lobbyists Out of Committee, House Education Committee Hears Bills on Data Privacy, Sexual Assault Policies, House Ed Budget Hearing Bill to Reduce CTE Rewards Program.

Under the Dome - March 2, 2015
It's Turnaround! What's gone? What's where?

Under the Dome - February 25, 2015
House guts HB 2326! Moves educator's PNA bill! Take action!, Senate passes bill that would censor teaching materials.

Under the Dome - February 24, 2015
More movement on PNA today, Repealing in-state tuition provisions, Senate advances bill that would censor teaching materials.

Under the Dome - February 23, 2015
A bill to ban commn core and just about everything else, Five Collective Bargaining Bills - Where They Stand, A little light reading.

Under the Dome - February 20, 2015
Another House Committee ignores educators on education, TAKE ACTION NOW!

Under the Dome - February 19, 2015
House Commerce hears bill to dismantle collective bargaining, House Ed passes bill mandating sex ed programs to be opt-in, House Ed Budget adopts a K-12 budget.

Under the Dome - February 17, 2015
Everything we always wanted to know about sex, Senate Ed finishes work on homeschooler sports bill, Senate Education to hear bad collective bargaining bill tomorrow.

Under the Dome - February 16, 2015
Education Committee Work, Bank of KDOT Getting Play in Budget Debate, And Tomorrow...

Under the Dome - February 13, 2015
Slow Friday, Busy Week Ahead, Are we devolving?

Under the Dome - February 12, 2015
The War on Teachers, Police, Fire Fighters, Highway Workers, Nurses, Correctional Officers, etc. etc., Senate Education again to take up collective bargaining, Other Big Issues; Elections and Courts.

Under the Dome - February 11, 2015
Events under the dome have just got to make one wonder..., Senate proposes wholesale elimination of public employee rights, Senate Education Committee working bills.

Under the Dome - February 10, 2015
PNA bills moving, Take Action!

Under the Dome - February 6, 2015
House Ed Committee to debate changes to PNA - take action now!, Anti-Education, Anti-KNEA, Anti-intellectual, Anti-piano.

Under the Dome - February 5, 2015
Governor cuts $44.5 million from education for this year, Tragedy in the House of Representatives.

Under the Dome - February 4, 2015
House Ed Committee hears "Minority Report" bill on PNA.

Under the Dome - February 3, 2015
Ways & Means considers LOB aid cut, Senate Education Committee working bills, PNA hearing tomorrow, Bi-partisan bill to restore teacher due process introduced.

Under the Dome - February 2, 2015
Rose standards discussion in House Ed Committee, PNA bill introduced in Senate Ed Committee, Pensions on working after retirement.

Under the Dome - January 29, 2015
Fiscal issues dominate, The Blame Game, Senate Education Committee holds hearing on multi-year contract bill, Pensions discussions on-going.

Under the Dome - January 27, 2015
Education Leaders Reach Agreement to Improve the Professional Negotiations Act, Proposed changes to the PNA.

Under the Dome - January 14, 2015
Education Committees hear from Efficiency Commission, State of the State tomorrow.

Under the Dome - January 16, 2015
State of the State, KPERs, School Finance, Constitutional Amendments, The March to Zero, Tax Proposals are Out, Bills.

Under the Dome - January 21, 2015
Bills, Bills, Bills, Transparency and hypocrisy.

Under the Dome - January 22, 2015
The Learning Curve on School Finance, The Learning Curve on School Finance Litigation, Capitol Intrigue?

2014 Session

Under the Dome - December 16, 2014
Efficiency Commission considers further marginalization of teachers, So what about transparency?, No final decisions... yet.

Under the Dome - November 18, 2014
Itching for a fight, Speaker Merrick thinks public employees (including teachers) are worthless, Trabert: State should not fund benefits for teachers, and Pensions Committee thinking about cutting state contribution to KPERS.

Under the Dome - November 11, 2014
Moving forward.. and so it begins.

Under the Dome - August 6, 2014
Quite a primary & the record becomes clearer.

Under the Dome - May 9, 2014Really, Governor? Limiting your voice in elections.

Under the Dome - May 1, 2014
It's all about roosting chickens; More blame game.

Under the Dome - April 23, 2014
KNEA Statement on the signing of HB 2506 into law, what the press is saying, what can you do now?

Under the Dome - April 17, 2014
HB2506: Spin Cycle, Will He or Won't He?

Under the Dome - April 8, 2014
Its time to say thank you.

Under the Dome - April 7, 2014
Kansas legislature declare teachers unworthy of simple due process - What happens next?

Under the Dome - April 4, 2014
Massive school finance changes - for the better AND worse.

Under the Dome - April 3, 2014
Appropriations school finance plan in doubt; Is KPERS the only issue?; Equity, Adequacy and Policy; And what about hearings?

Under the Dome - April 2, 2014
House and Senate budget committees finalize finance bills

Under the Dome - March 31, 2014
Rhoades resigns as chairman of House Appropriations Committe - TAKE ACTION NOW

Under the Dome - March 28, 2014
Getting ready for an epic week, KPERS review, New research report warns states not to follow Kansas - TAKE ACTION NOW!

Under the Dome - March 26, 2014
House Appropriations has briefing on HB 2774, Senate school funding plans emerging, student data privacy bill passes, both chambers closed for two days.

Under the Dome - March 25, 2014
HB 2774 to replace HB 2773 is leaner (down to 26 pages). Data Privacy Bill updates. TAKE ACTION NOW!

Under the Dome - March 24, 2014
School funding limbo.

Under the Dome - March 21, 2014
First plan for public school financing intended to undermine public schools - You put WHAT in there?

Under the Dome - March 20, 2014
K-12 Education in the budget committees, Drug testing/fingerprinting bill passes Senate, House Education Committee deals with student privacy.

Under the Dome - March 19, 2014
Pensions Committees wrap up for the year, Appropriations discuss school finance, "Gotcha" amendment on the House floor, Tempers flare in House Ed Committee as they discuss student data privacy bill.

Under the Dome - March 18, 2014
Senate Pensions wraps up, AG Derek Schmidt talks Gannon with Appropriations, Full House amends, advances financial literacy bill, Senate debates drug testing/fingerprinting bill.

Under the Dome - March 17, 2014
All-Day K Committee hears from practitioners, Senate Ways & Means Education Subcommittee scheduled to discuss K-12 recommendations, Pensions discussions winding down.

Under the Dome - March 13, 2014
Teacher licensure in Senate Ways & Means, House Education churning out bills.

Under the Dome - March 12, 2014
Pensions Committee deliberates HB 2473, Education committees cancelled for the day, School Finance rumblings.

Under the Dome - March 11, 2014
At-Risk and LOB discussions during an otherwise quiet day.

Under the Dome - March 10, 2014
Joint House/Senate Education Committee hears from superintendents on at-risk, Fireworks at the Senate Ways and Means Education Budget subcommittee.

Under the Dome - March 7, 2014
Gannon School Finance decision released - Press conference and what you can do.

Under the Dome - March 6, 2014
Special Committee on all day K meets, At-risk discussion in joint ed committee meeting, Gannon v. Kansas decision due tomorrow

Under the Dome - March 5, 2014
Slow start to act II of the 2014 legislative session, Senate Ways & Means committee hears on Bills 305, 277 and 369.

Under the Dome - February 26, 2014
Cover up the art & shutter the library! Senate bill 401 is disussed.

Under the Dome - February 25, 2014
Senate Education Committee amends and approves drug testing bill, House Education Committee cancelled

Under the Dome - February 24, 2014
House hears tuition tax credit bill, Pensions Committee nixes defined contribution bill, first meeting of the Senate Pensions Committee, House Education Committee takes up sex ed bill, drug testing and fingerprinting to be examined in Senate Education Committee.

Under the Dome - February 20, 2014
Carpe Diem charter school spouted as good idea, All-Day K committee holds another meeting.

Under the Dome - February 19, 2014
Wild day under the dome, House Pension committee considers defined contribution.

Under the Dome - February 18, 2014
Privacy issue in KIDS system raised, transportation of students across district lines is back, Sex Ed heard in House Education committee, Appropriations adopts K-12 budget, Senate Education committee might soon work charter school bill.

Under the Dome - February 14, 2014
House Pension Committee moves changes to Tier 3 and the Senate Education Committee hears radical charter school bill.

Under the Dome - February 12, 2014
Drug Testing & Fingerprinting of Teachers is discussed, new bills are introduced and the House Pensions committee hears COLA bill.

Under the Dome - February 11, 2014
Education committees briefed on at-risk funding and the Senate Education Committee to take up charter bill on Friday.

Under the Dome - February 10, 2014
Senate Ways and Means Committee briefed on K-12 funding and the House Education Committee hears the financial literacy bill.

Under the Dome - February 7, 2014
Continued discussions on the National Assessment of Academic Progress (NAEP) and Erin's Law.

Under the Dome - February 4, 2014

Vision 2020 committee hears about teacher preparation & licensure and testimony in the Pension Committee.


Under the Dome- January 30, 2014
Dr. John Poggio of the University of Kansas gave great testimony on student determination and persistence.

Under the Dome - January 28, 2014
A quiet week with two education bills introduced.

Under the Dome - January 23, 2014
KPERS Committee still gathering information

Under the Dome- January 16, 2014
A quick review of the Governor's budget reveals no plan for restoring the millions in state funding support stripped from public education. The State of State Education is presented. Following the Governor's State of the State Address, KNEA offers its response.

Under the Dome - January 15, 2014
Committee work begins with the House Ed Committee reviewing interim work and the Pension Committee begining its discussions.

2013 Session

Under the Dome - June 3, 2013
Session is over/ Common Core Standards survive challenge; Tax bill raises taxes by $777 million; K-12 flat in the budget; higher ed takes a cut; Retention bill gone; We're done...Almost

Under the Dome - May 31, 2013 part 2
Senate now goes after common core; New tax plan

Under the Dome - May 31, 2013
Day 98 dawns no closer to the end; Another one bites the dust...; Common Core Standards still an issue?

Under the Dome - May 29, 2013
Day 96 - still no resolution; Kansas City Star: Kansas lawmakers play $45,000 a day joke on taxpayers; Hays Daily News: Costly session

Under the Dome - May 28, 2013
Day 95 ends with another dead tax plan

Under the Dome - May 24, 2013
It was a quick day

Under the Dome - May 23, 2013
Tax battle continues

Under the Dome - May 22, 2013
Offers and counter offers; Did the budget pass?; Anti common core crowd still at work

Under the Dome - May 21, 2013
Taxes - a meeting but no resolution; A budget bill is ready

Under the Dome - May 20, 2013
Let's be brief...; How many days?; Open letter to the Kansas Legislature

Under the Dome - May 17, 2013
Mea Culpa; Common Core Standards not killed yet!; Take action this weekend!; Gone for the weekend; Looks like another week ahead

Under the Dome - May 16, 2013
Common Core on Legislative Chopping Block

Under the Dome - May 15, 2013
Staring contest over?

Under the Dome - May 14, 2013
Veto Session Day 5; Dragging on; Where did this mess come from?; What options do Legislators have?; In and out again

Under the Dome - May 13, 2013
Veto Session Day 4; Not much continuing to happen

Under the Dome - May 10, 2013
Gone for the weekend; back for the long haul starting Monday, Rep. Bob Grant announces his retirement, Taxes and budgets?

Under the Dome - May 9, 2013
Another Education Conference Committee adopted, off to Governor; Budget and Taxes - the big issues

Under the Dome - April 4, 2013
Retention bill agreed to in conference; Budget and Tax agreements unlikely by tomorrow

Under the Dome - April 3, 2013
Education Conference Committee wraps up; House Ed Budget/Senate Ed Conference Committee making some agreements; Retention once again being debated

Under the Dome - April 2, 2013
Education Conference Committee meets

Under the Dome - March 27, 2013
Floor action over until next week; House actions from last night; Senate passes "read to succeed"; KPERS in the Senate; They're gone for now

Under the Dome - March 25, 2013
Voucher bill fails on House floor!; Senate advances bill giving all insurance salesmen access to school mailboxes, emails

Under the Dome - March 22, 2013
Committees are done. So what is where? Teacher rights; Vouchers, Charters, and opting out of laws; Mandates; School Finance

Under the Dome - March 21, 2013
KPERS DC bill tabled; Collective Bargaining issue sent to study; Senate Education Committee ends charter school discussion; Senate Ed Committee reconsiders, amends, and passes retention bill; House Ed in marathon common core debate

Under the Dome - March 20, 2013
House Ed supports no accountability for certain schools; Senate Education still battling charters

Under the Dome - March 19, 2013
Budget battle on House floor; Senate Education Committee debates charter bill; Merriam parent Heather Ousley completes her 60-mile walk to Topeka; What's happening on the collective bargaining front?

Under the Dome - March 18, 2013
Latest Defined Benefit KPERS Plan called a "Risky Experiment"; New voucher bill in House Education Committee; Shawnee Mission mom to complete a 60-mile walk from Merriam to Topeka in support of public schools

Under the Dome - March 15, 2013
House Education settles two bills; Still watching the anti-union bills

Under the Dome - March 14, 2013
House Ed continues discussion on Charters; And then KPI gets even more time for their propaganda; Senate moves forward

Under the Dome - March 13, 2013
Gun debates go on long; other meetings delayed; Senate Education takes up so-called "access" bill

Under the Dome - March 13, 2013 Special Edition
Open Letter to Our Education Community by Karen Godfrey, KNEA President

Under the Dome - March 12, 2013
Payroll deduction bill amended, moved out of committee; House Education Committee begins debate on charger school law; Speaking of money...

Under the Dome - March 8, 2013
House passes "innovative district" bill on final action; Hearing on anti-collective bargaining bill continues; In the meantime

Under the Dome - March 7, 2013
Competing "innovative district" bills; Hearing to bill to dismantle collective bargaining continues tomorrow

Under the Dome - March 6, 2013
On the used car lot it's called "bait and switch"; Are there less than honest assertions being made?; In the meantime...

Under the Dome - March 1, 2013
Legislature hits "turn-around", They are home for four days!; The Collective Bargaining Battle; Where are other bills?, Senate Bills, House Bills; And what about school funding?; They are home! Talk to them!

Under the Dome - February 28, 2013
KNEA holds statehouse press conference; So here's what we need you to do!; Growing roster of board members, superintendents stand up for teachers

Under the Dome - February 27, 2013
War on Teachers!; Today's report from the front lines!; So here's what we need you to do!

Under the Dome - February 26, 2013
Sneaky stuff?; Do superintendents and school board members really have so little respect for teachers? Let's ask!; Senate Education Committee acts on several bills; House debates bullying bill, revisits vouchers

Under the Dome - February 25, 2013
House rejects voucher bill; House advances "innovative districts" bill; Senate Education Committee handles several bills; Senate hears 3rd grade retention bill; Tomorrow in limbo!

Under the Dome - February 20, 2013
"Innovation" bill in the Senate; House Education Committee digs into charters; Senate passes constitution amendment on school funding; Legislature cancelled for Thursday, pro-forma Friday

Under the Dome - February 19, 2013
Lots of bill hearings today; Two bills heard in the House Education Committee today; Senate Ed bills on bullying and district budgeting; Dyslexia bill soon to be worked; Anti-teacher bills still in limbo

Under the Dome - February 18, 2013
Massive rework on the calendar!; Bills, bills, bills as we head to turn-around!; Still no word on the anti-teacher measurers

Under the Dome - February 15, 2013
Another quiet Friday; Next week? That's another matter!

Under the Dome - February 14, 2013
War on teachers kicks into high gear; Kansas School Superintendents Association; Teachers should be seen not heard; The Governor's "Efficiency Task Force" and Collective Bargaining; KASB supports the complete repeal of fair dismissal procedures in Kansas

Under the Dome - February 13, 2013
KPERS Coalition reacts to latest defined contribution retirement plan; Senate hears bill on internet protection act; One anti-union bill will not move forward; others on hold; House Ed Committee approves insurance salesman access bill

Under the Dome - February 12, 2013
At-risk funding, Bullying in Education Committees

Under the Dome - February 11, 2013
Bill would require schools to give access to teachers for anyone who wants to sell something

Under the Dome - February 8, 2013
Quiet day in the capital; Anti-teacher, anti-union bills; School finance bills; Student bills; Anti-KASB bills

Under the Dome - February 7, 2013
No action on anti-union bills yet; Dyslexia bill heard in Senate Ed Committee; The Kansas Legislature is getting plenty of press; Would you like to weigh in with legislators on HB 2023 or other bills?

Under the Dome - February 6, 2013
Senate Commerce hearing on HB 2023 continues; Senate Education Committee hears two bills; Sorry, Grandma!

Under the Dome - February 5, 2013
Senate Commerce Committee takes up HB 2023; Feel free to weigh in with the Committee members; While you need paycheck protection, it appears that legislators need special job protection!; Trouble in tax paradise?

Under the Dome - February 4, 2013
Quiet Monday; House Appropriations gets School Finance 101; No word on HB 2085; HB 2023 how in the Senate

Under the Dome - January 31, 2013
House approves HB 2023. If the Senate agrees, put on your duct tape!

Under the Dome - January 30, 2013
House advances HB 2023; Final vote tomorrow; The War on Teachers is just beginning!; Senate education introduces bills

Under the Dome - January 29, 2013
Watch out, guys! Teacher might be mad!; Hearing on anti-collective bargaining bill; It gets worse!

Under the Dome - January 28, 2013
"Ramming Speed!"; HB 2023 likely not up for debate until Thursday

Under the Dome - January 25, 2013
Anti-teacher House members launch an attack on collective bargaining rights; Battle for free speech continues; Are Kansas Chamber members thinking twice about the Chamber's War on Public Employees?; Do your part! The battle is not over yet!

Under the Dome - January 24, 2013
House Committee Republicans approve Chamber bill designed to "get rid of public sector unions"

Under the Dome - January 23, 2013
It's not really about political activity; it's about getting rid of public sector unions

Under the Dome - January 22, 2013
Legislature seeks legislation to silence teachers

Under the Dome - January 16, 2013
House Pensions Committee gets initial briefing; Governor's budget recommendations for K-12 education; New Kansas-based economic think tank forms, releases reaction to Governor's budget; KNEA releases statement reacting to the Governor's State-of-the-State address

Under the Dome - January 15, 2013
They're off!; Schodorf changes parties; KNEA releases statement on Gannon school finance court decision

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