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State Board News

State Board agendas and materials can be found at HERE and are usually available the Monday of the week prior to the State Board meeting.

Meetings are also now audio-streamed on KanEd Live. Click on HERE to log on. Prior meetings are also archived for 30 days following the meeting.






KSDE office moving, new measures to strengthen licensing law of persons convicted of crimes, no changes yet in fingerprint requirements, 2013 ACT results, Kansas college and career ready standards communications toolkit presented

  • July 2013
    FY15 budget request finalized, Kansas Educator Code of Conduct received from Standards Board 
  • June 2013
    Citizens' Open Forum; Next Generation Science Standards; Licensure Fees Set; Committee, Commission Appointments 
  • May 2013
    KSBE questions items included in HB 2319, default list of multiple measures, controversial comment by Roberts
  • April 2013
    Update on Ks. Commission II Focus Groups, KEEP Pilot, and history, government, and social studies standards
  • March 2013
    State Board votes to send letter to Brownback and legislature reminding them of the board's constitutional authority regarding education, aligns assessments to the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards, adopts revised mission and goals
  • February 2013
    Action taken on QPA Advisory Council recommendations, 2013 Kansas Teacher of the Year, HB 2289 will prohibit Common Core Standards
  • January 2013
    Board welcomes newly elected and selects leaders, change in Kansas writing assessment



  • December 2012
    Teach in Kansas Commission II gives status report, Kansas College and Career Ready definition set, cursive writing - teach it!


  • November 2012
    Bullying survey results, defining college and career ready, credit for JROTC, is cursive writing on the way out


  • October 2012
    Board clarifies policy on reporting results, most Kansas schools bullying policies "out of compliance"


  • September 2012
    Economic realities cause student and state assessments to decline for first time since NCLB and AYP, 2011 Presidental Award winners


  • August 2012
    ESEA waiver to be implemented without student growth tied to evaluation, new CTE law to bring changes


  • July 2012
    Board sends budget request to Governor; Teaching in Kansas Commission II formed; appointment to Standards Board


  • June 2012
    ESEA Waiver - inch by inch..., licensure regulation approved and licensure fees set


  • May 2012
    ESEA Waiver - Proceed, Cautiously; Reappointments Approved; Next Generation Science Standards Draft Available


  • April 2012
    ESEA Waiver - is it worth it? and professional learning standards adopted


  • March 2012
    Possible new Professional Learning Standards, Licensure regulation hearing and change in April meeting


  • February 2012
    Board endorses ESEA waiver, 2012 Kansas Teacher of the Year Team recognized, sends licensure regulation into review


  • January 2012
    Controversial vote on school finance, ESEA Waiver and meeting dates altered




  • December 2010
    Hours spent discussing bullying, proposed changes to Licensure Regulations, KEC's final report, outstanding teachers recognized.


  • November 2010
    New Commissioner speaks, bullying policy tabled, Common Core Standards transition, school funding woes


  • October 2010
    Feedback needed, Kansas schools continue to show progress, Common Core Standards adopted.


  • September 2010
    New commissioner announced, dedication of teachers testament to AYP results, federal monies allocations

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