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About Teaching & Learning

A strong profession is the prerequisite for quality public schools and student learning. The professional continuum, from pre-service to initial licensure to professional licensure to accomplished teaching, is the backbone of KNEA’s work to maintain and strengthen the professional skills of our members. Meanwhile, Kansas public schools are achieving like never before despite facing a host of potentially devastating issues.  

Kansas NEA, in its efforts to promote student achievement and to strengthen the teaching profession, is a resource to its members and the education community:

  • KNEA monitors the Department of Education and other agencies that establish rules and regulations to ensure that the highest professional standards are maintained.
  • KNEA works closely with state Standards Board, the Professional Practices Commission, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, the National Commission on Teaching and America's Future and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

KNEA’s goal is student achievement. To that end, members and staff of KNEA researched standards for quality public schools and teacher-based and research-driven standards for quality public schools to create seven conditions that count for student achievement. All of KNEA’s work is based on these standards for quality public schools and teaching staff.


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