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At the Capitol

It's a fact of life that every decision that affects education is a political decision. Our elected lawmakers at the State Capitol determine everything from what teachers teach to how schools are funded. That's why the KNEA has lobbyists who are there when you can't be, monitoring the issues and the bills and making sure your voice is heard.

The KNEA Lobby Team consists of elected leaders and staff. We welcome member feedback on issues before the Legislature and on this site. To provide feedback, to donate to KPAC, or to volunteer to participate in KNEA legislative program, click on the links below:

Contribute to KPAC via checking account or credit card using the secure PayPal donate button (you DO NOT need a PayPal account):

You can also mail a donation.   Click Here to Download Donation Form.  Please complete the form and submit it to:

KNEA Director of Political Action

715 SW 10th Ave

Topeka, KS 66612-1686

Please Note: KPAC Contribution Dollars ARE NOT used for federal election campaigns.

Mark Farr, KNEA President
Mark Desetti, Director, Legislative and Political Advocacy
Terry Forsyth, Director, Political Action

The Legislative Agenda for 2015 can be found here.

Members can keep in touch and stay on top of the action by subscribing to our Under the Dome e-newsletter:

Under the Dome today…

A review of the day’s action in Topeka, updated daily during the legislative session.






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