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How do great schools benefit our local businesses?

Working together, public schools and local businesses make great things happen in our communities.

  • Students learn the value of community partnerships.
  • Communities develop a strong workforce.
  • Local economies grow.

The labor force sees increases in educational attainment, which has resulted in a 23% overall growth in productivity and a 10% growth in gross domestic product.

Students experience a wider range of contexts and learning styles, as well as learning about multiculturalism and diversity in the workplace.

Kids learn the value of community by gaining perspectives from beyond the classroom. This helps build a stronger workforce and helps make the local economy grow.

Students receive cutting-edge, up-to-date knowledge by witnessing the competitive workplace and receiving real, work-related examples to help them learn and comprehend.

Public schooling benefits our communities. When teachers and schools partner with local businesses, students learn the needed lessons and skills for success at the right jobs.

The educational value of both academia and the workplace are maximized, ensuring the most productive, effective and comprehensive education starting at youth.

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